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wednesday 19/12/2007

I amPOWERFUL was busy so i put the scores and the 'E' thing.

here are my answers anyway:

As "1f - KV Raven" already put it..we can always send a link to the Moderators or Admins so they can investigate a matter like that..we can never really blame the Mods and Admins for those contents because there are only a few of them and sifting through all pictures of all members would take a very very very long time (it's time wasting and not efficient coz anyone can upload pictures anytime they want)..so it's up to us initially to take an initiative and report those things if necessary..smiley


smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileyonly recuriement is to be an aussie!
come on and join this unbeatable clan!
message lolurdead30 if you would like 2 join!smileysmileysmiley

I think your other thing was sort of interesting just because I wanted to see what people would say.

tuesday 18/12/2007

Join us at The Coven. Lots of help on the boards with deck builds and Card give aways. I run a Movie quote game every weekend. Great people.


Plz help me im confused send me a message plz

Could i join? Sort of new to game and looking to make friends, but i definitely know how to play

My guild : Verdict is now recruiting, We are looking for active players, trustful players, and some who have purchased. We feature a unique grading system in this guild and will soon be giving out cards as rewards for some feats. Join now and become a member of the uprising

monday 17/12/2007

Well,,,, before u guys jump to any conclusions,,,,,
1) look at the title it clearly says,," looking for a guild"
2) why is he recruiting to a guild that doesn't exhist?
3) he belongs to the guild the darklight

Partial nudity ? it's the players choice if they chose to play and the admins/mods can only do their best to insure that the players have accpetable avatars.

If you like animals, then Animal Kingdom wants YOU to join!

Animal Kingdom is a great new guld formed by an expierenced Urban Rivals Player. (me)
It is focused on people who are interested in animals. So if you want to meet other like-minded people and have even more fun on Urban Rivals, then join Animal Kingom! Plus, if you have the name of an animal in your username, you will automatically be made an admin! (you dont have to have an animal in your name to join though)

SO JOIN TODAY!smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

If ur looking for a guil join (-.-) TBE (-.-) if u want we want as many ppl as possible. But in da message board dont advartise for bfs/gfs on da guilds message board or da founder will kick u out. it has happened once so dont put anithin unapropriate. our html is http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=107052

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Sorry lol i forgot to mention , the L/W question is about EXP for both the players not just one of them

At the Ultima guild, we'll make you stronger

Members must be lvl 7-10

Our mission: To be the best guild there ever was

Heyyyy. RedVsBlue is a new guild, but Im no stranger to making/moderating guilds on other games, so Im not a compolete newbie. =]
Im looking for players who want a bit of fun every now and then. No need to be active every day, Just show your face once in a while and everything will be fine! Players will preferably have a good fair=play rating (Gold/green face), and be funny & exiting to everyone else who will want to join.

Also anyone who loves, likes, hates, or has even heard of RedVsBlue is extra-encouraged to join!
Becoming "grand-masters" isnt our aim. Just having a good time and playing fair is all I care about.

Anyone is welcome to apply at http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=141533 , English speakers are preferable, and Im assuming by reading this you can speak english... Otherwise you wouldnt be reading it. x] So Go Apply Nowwwwww! (Any level is fine!)

smileyHey guys loki needs 3 more members please :jion

Hi im the owner of the destructors guild.. and guess what we are looking for recurits. we accept any lvls but you have to speak english.. destructors ftw!!

sunday 16/12/2007

My guild name is rock lee

Join us at WMD , we can help build decks and training
the link:

hope to see you amongst us

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