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friday 16/09/2016

Currently buying all henry 12k/t

@ 0 Arisa Thank you for reminder.

1. My Aldebaran Cr for Flavio Cr.
2. My Rass Cr for either one of Lao Cr & Berserkgirl Cr.

I'm selling

5 Emeth Cr 0xp(180k/each)

I'm looking for:
Your Offers

thursday 15/09/2016

I buy yours zatman cr 0xp for 110k each . Or trade mines zatman full + 11k cash for yours

Either two. Ex: Lao Cr + Berserkgirl Cr.

wednesday 14/09/2016


Dwain Cr 0xp for 400k each
Ratanah Rb 0xp for 18k each

Salit. Je achat vous miloz 0xp per 11.8k/t
Par vp

Mona + 15k -> 2 zat

I'm selling
20 Hemdall 0xp, 44k/t
10 Sabia 0xp, 10k/t

tuesday 13/09/2016

Pm me with price and amount


Looking to buy ramath cheap since I only have 135k to buy him with so if anyone is interested then please please pm me. thanks smiley

Okay, all lots gone, thread closed. smiley

This was the fair price before some 1 raised it smiley

I buy A Award Cr for 360k.

Hi! I want to buy 1 Brianna full or 0xp
Send me at your best price smiley

I have some cards to trade as well if you're interested :
9x Flinch at 1400/e


There are jackie crs on the market for less than 440k

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