sunday 09/12/2007

World poker tour :]

so i dont think i have to say much more join the guild if your into poker and stuff enough said allready you know what to do

I would, but.... I don't have any Geist cardz

I need everyone to join, whether your emo, wannabe, or whatever, also if you want to know what REAL emo is, join and I'll tell you


Join Please =]

Entrepreneur is the Guild Name Were In It For Clintz

I like how you're actually literate, a rarity in this game. I'm in if you'll take me.

smiley Come join i have 16 members search the secrect guildsmiley


Can i join?

Can i join?

Can i join?

Can i join?

Can i join?

Can i join your guild?

If i would like to join but i am not a woman smiley so send me a message telling me if i am in or not kk?smiley

Join my guild called gheist i will let anybody in we r well cool and it is so worth it no lie

Any one over level 10 please join my guild

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