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sunday 16/12/2007

Hey need more guild members my guild is called braxmann2 rules

Any Level anyBody lets take over the word the more we have the stonger we lets help each other out and have some fun.

As you now, if there are not 4 members in a new guild in 3 days, it is closed. With a cool name (my own invention of course), it would be a shame that it disappear. So welcome to The Sith Guild, for newcomers and experienced ones.
Go to http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=141152

... and no, i'm not your father smiley

Looking for member to join my guild

Hey Mods can u close this thread please. We are done heresmiley

The title says it all. we're looking for members lvl 7+. if you wanna join, click this link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=140564

This is for preferably americans that have battle points over 10,000 or lc 15 (it doesn't hace to be that way though

Los Callejeros need new members for the street

I am Dark Corral of the Legion guild. l am not the founder and I am not an admin but I am their recruiter. We are currently 6th in the Philippines and 366th in the world. Our policy is to respect the rules like EVO and OLD and to have fun playing this game. Our guild has 13 members but I am sure that more will join. All payers who are level 15 or above and have orange to yellow face can join. If you want to join, mesage me or any of our admin.smiley

saturday 15/12/2007

Everyone is welcome

I just wanted to know how you get mor cards

SkyRage is correct and once u learn the value and tactic of using your pillz it will make you more competitive.

In our profile why cant we have a layout or background or have music that we want to put in our profile

it doesnt seem to look cool with just there scores and wins what if we had a background layout and music that will be cool

Join clan anialation if your lv 13 or more this was for those that was in clan armageddon and it got dleted by the leader so plzzz join

Join my guild. It is called Lightning Strike.

I'm lv 10 so if you would let me i'd love to join. In Urban Rivals I'm a G.H.E.I.S.T user... Anyway if you would let me join i would like to train under either the Fire or the Dark master. Thank you for your time i would like to know if i'm in.. Bye!


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Hi yeah I'll be a friend to j00 smiley

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