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monday 12/09/2016

Up 350k

Down to 30k/u

sunday 11/09/2016

Oh oops.


I sell :

- 100 Crowen 0exp : 5k/u
- 100 Tameshi 0exp : 5,8k/u
- 39 Magnar 0exp : 4,2k/u
- 26 Pandagran 0exp : 7,5k/u


since you kept and auction of 850 mango 0xp you're not eligible to post a trade/sell the mango's here, so i close it , thanks and good luck smiley

Robb Cr is full xp and I'm looking for a full xp rowdy

Too little

Nahi Cr full + 10k? vs u 0 xp

saturday 10/09/2016

And buy bublgmm 0exp 300 clintz each

10.001k smiley

Hi smiley

you care lot of lafleur 0xp, wonder lana 0xp ? if yes mpsmiley

Estimation on card 750, current market price 620

15 of them 0xp

Price i ask: 30000

No bargain, no split sale, whole package or nothing

friday 09/09/2016

Title says all. Cash only plz smiley

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