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monday 10/12/2007

In fact, 'A touch of Class' is what I named it.

Too many jerks around, Using the anonomity of the internet to jeer and snipe and snark. Especially here on gamezone sites. Well, for those of us with a little more maturity, there's this guild. No, it's not about fair play. This is street war. but, you don't have to be a jerk to people. People in this guild can be known for good game conduct.

Hey i just started a new guild.
Anyone is welcome. If you like Final Fantasy than this is the guild for you.


Come to xguild of furyx academy


sunday 09/12/2007

World poker tour :]

so i dont think i have to say much more join the guild if your into poker and stuff enough said allready you know what to do

I would, but.... I don't have any Geist cardz

I need everyone to join, whether your emo, wannabe, or whatever, also if you want to know what REAL emo is, join and I'll tell you


Join Please =]

Entrepreneur is the Guild Name Were In It For Clintz

I like how you're actually literate, a rarity in this game. I'm in if you'll take me.

smiley Come join i have 16 members search the secrect guildsmiley


Can i join?

Can i join?

Can i join?

Can i join?

Can i join?

Can i join your guild?

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