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friday 15/04/2016

Ok i just got paid alot but im going to donate it to you guys first pm gets some cridits fyi i buy 100 cridits each

Kalindra Cr 298k
Caelus Cr 282k

Total:580k min. in the market.

I can offer 500k cash and some cards up to 540k total.

If anyone interested pm.

Eduardo, 0xp
Selina 8 0xp, 2 full xp
Dregn 0xp
Shaakarti 0xp
everything else is full xp

10 Pr Cushing 0xp 57k/t --> 570k tot

10 Rekved 0xp 7.4k/t --> 74k tot

20 Glenn 0xp 8k/t --> 160k tot

looking for cash!

thx! smiley

Also buying Trish 16k/t

Help i reallly need some montanas if you can please donate to me some montanas even if its the worst card

thursday 14/04/2016

Kiki Cr, VP, 8.200.000

Thx need more smiley
I can also accept some trade for more value

Salut les amis, je suis a la recherche au dessus du 1er prix market de:

- ZRobbie
- Impera Sloane
- Rattle
- Shaker
(n'importe le xp)

J'ai du cash, un spyke full (72k) et un don full (23k) pour les échanges aussi

Ici ou par mp
Merci smiley

Hi guys, wana buy your Smokey Cr for 200K, PM me or just sent it to my PS, thx smiley

wednesday 13/04/2016

Pm me if you'd like to trade.

Update: 61.5k/each

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