friday 02/10/2015

Sorry levi,But the max i can go is 8,1M

thursday 01/10/2015

There is no time zone stated in this auction. I will have to close it. I would suggest having a minimum increament so people don't make offers like +1 clintz on top of whichever offer but it is entirely up to you.

Wtf ahahaahahahahaahahah

wednesday 30/09/2015

Sorry, I already got an offer.

Interested by elvis 0xp ? if yes what is your price ?

Lots of graven and clara sold.

tuesday 29/09/2015

Bonsoir à tous,

Je Cherche les cartes suivantes:
- Dj Korr cr 8.5M
- Guru cr 8.4M
- Kiki cr 7.1M
- General cr 6.2M
- Lyse Teria cr 5M

Je peux offrir:
- 158 Pericles 0xp 68k/t
- 100 Raskal 0xp 9.5k/t
- 65 yayoi cr 0xp 70k/t
- 62 noctezuma 0xp 65k/t
- 50 fei 0xp
- 50 Kinjo 0xp
- 10 jackie cr full 220k/t
- 26 Noodile cr 0xp 21k/t
- 2 Marlysa cr 0xp 1M470k/t
- Armanda cr 0xp 1m700k
- 9 Kawamashi cr 0xp 9.5k/t
- lamar cr 0xp 910k
- elya cr 0xp 745k
- splata cr full 960k
- Sigmund cr full 785k
- Vickie cr full 630k
- Ambrose Cr full 490k
- Scarlett Cr full 1m150k
- 2 Shawoman Cr full 850k
- Ndololo cr full 1.3M
- Aldebaran cr 780k

Un message privé si vous êtes intéressé !!

logo UR 0 messages

Hello to all,

I buy your 5* 0xp:

-Of 1 has 20: 1000 / head
- of 20 has 50: 1100 / head
- above 50: 1200 / head

If your cards are level 4 0xp: add 100 clintz a head

My vp is opened!!

Kiki Cr sold.

Closed thanks.

I can offer Guru Cr 0xp for that smiley

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for Jessica (you don't say?)

0 exp for 240/t
full exp for 220/t

Directly in my private sales
Love you all smiley

65k each or trade for CRs.

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