saturday 01/12/2007

If you want to join our guild we will help you to be the best and we do alot of thing in guild and we talk to each other and makes friends smileysmiley when you want to join just send me a quest and we will be come one of our members please join us !!!!!!smileysmiley^__smiley__^

Why dont you come and join my guild and then we will help you anytime you want smileysmiley

here is the link

Recrutando Brasileiros de qker LVL !!! Abçss

friday 30/11/2007

Previously known as the Master ELO guild, Guerrieri Onnipotenti, La Cosa Nostra is now recruiting new members. Basically a European fight club with own (not virtual) office in London, we are recruiting new members. Come, join, enjoy your stay.

Http:// the link i forgot

The Coven are looking for Active members. We have a great message board and lots of help.

I hold a weekly movie quote game Crad prize every saturday. Join us at....

Join Team Sheep! to join, go to the guild and search engine and search for "team sheep"

By having two or more cards who belong to that clan

Need english players to joi8 my guild i have 30+ members already so if u want to joi8 pm mesmiley

thanks smiley

New clan growing fast 15 members in 3 days, doors will close soon, current admins Ncw14, Ronnix, and me, were all quite new meaning maybe you could give us a hand

Must Be Active

we have no current activities scheduled but soon will be

post here or message me or ncw14-the founder, to join

Welcome to UR! smiley

thursday 29/11/2007

P.S. go to if you want to join.

My guild is recruiting any one
join my guild so we can reach # 1
Creed of Assassination:

wednesday 28/11/2007

join now!

W.M.D , join us at wise men distracted smiley

Please come join my guild. We are still small, but I would love to get a great group of people together to play with.

Please close this

The samurai guild is looking for players in the australia, south east asia time zone

the guild is hopefully going to hold a tornament so dont miss out a chance to win a card

also, i will help players to understand the game, maybe get card help and have fun!!!

New Guild created between me and a friend. Need more members, I myself am very active.

Guild Name: Spartans

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