wednesday 09/01

I want to trade my full xp Ombre Cr for either your Berserkgirl Cr , Flavio Cr.


I am still looking to trade my Lyse Teria Cr (14,000,000):
Guru Cr (14,750,000) I add 750,000
Dj Korr (15,000,000) I add 1,000,000
Cannibal Jo (9,900,000) you add 4,100,000

I add clintz, I do not mind if you add cards.


Trading my Lyse Teria (0 exp) + 5 mil for Manon MT (any exp).

Sorry, guys, this is meant for the Russian community, guess I forgot to swap the languages, hopefully a moderator will place it to the russian section and delete the flood.

I am looking for:

Cannibal Jo Cr (8.8 million)
Lyse Cr (1.4 million)

I can offer:
Any CR and normal cards + clintz com, except big 5 and MT cards

PM me if intrested

All are negotiable, pm me your offers

tuesday 08/01

1 700 000

I have Cannibal Jo and Bmappe

Trade Aldebaran Cr and Sentenza both 0xp for shawoman cr 0xp.

Ymirah 1 650 000
Caellus 1 900 000

Pm me if interested sorry for double post I clicked lock by accident

Pm me if you have both you are down to trade and we can talk


0xp carmen 0xp mclain and 0xp Chloe have sold

Death Adder (1'6 M) + #NoLove (1'9M) + Ymirah Cr (1'7M) + 1'5M for my B Mappe Cr 0xp (6'7M right now)

Trade my general cr + 1.5kk for your kiki cr

I want to trade my General CR 0xp (12.1kk clintz) + 2kk clintz for a Lyse Teria CR of any xp (13.7kk). Please message me if you're interested.

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