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friday 07/12/2007

I will only let americans english ausstralia and candian come in my guild ok i dont care what level u are just join

To join the dragomancers which is a really good guild (hopefully i want more than one person but still you can join) to join you can go to this website


I'm currently an admin at team endless, and I am looking for an active guild since 2/4 admin have quit and our founder is inactive.
I buy credits and have quite a strong deck including most Junkz and Ashigaru. I will only accept entry as an admin, and only if you are a serious guild.


We play an elo mode and we and may i add not bad at it so join the kings of the ub


thursday 06/12/2007

How do I get a picture on my profile

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=133145 we will rule as you join we will grow with more anger.

There is


Sorry if you tried too join its spelled †eternal Fire†

Hi everyone nice to meet you ! But continue continue smiley


I want to join your guild

I'm Gonna be blunt. I'm looking for players who struggle to the end. Join my guild if you refuse to accept defeat as a certianty!!!

Great guild recruiting we excpet basically anyone that is always active and has good battle points. Join the guild that will bring death to others and grace upon our selves!

Trying to start an american guild. If your in american of any rank you can join. just dont be a lame. Its not like i'm this super patriot or anything, its just cool to kick the asses of other countries. That was stereotypically american right there.

I remember you. I think I'll join and see how your guild is.

The guild is dead dont try to join

wednesday 05/12/2007

This guild is for all you Patriots who want to rise up in the ranks together. Only americans and you have to be at least level 10
Join today and we can rule the game

Recruiting now !! any and everyone is welcome!

My guild is about, meh, just playing! THis might be kind of a pointless guild, but we will do whatever to help each other. Only if you're in the guild tho.


If you like Norse Mythology, or just want to trade tips and strategies... DotG is for you!

- what you do
We are a Guild for those who like Norse Mythology and want Urban Rivals to have a Norse/Mythological Clan.
- what kind of players you want
Respectiful Players. Good Sportsmanship is the stuff of Gods around here.
- primary objective
To have a community of people who enjoy Norse mythology and like competative play.

Guild Link!

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