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friday 24/03/2017

thursday 23/03/2017

I have 300 ector, looking to sell for 1500 clintz each
clintz only

I want to trade my FULL XP Ongh, for your 0 XP Ongh, message me with offers.

wednesday 22/03/2017

Pandora 55k
Dragomir 37k
Xu-Kr4nG 20k
Koshiro 45k
Djengo 28k

If you can´t do these prices, please send me a PM so that we can discuss a possible solution to both my clintz problem and your trading addiction xD

I'm looking for 2.2M Clintz!!!! Better then market!!!

I forgot about prices 470k for Melissa and 245k for Seldnor smiley

you need to specify the price clearly since this is not a guessing section
thanks smiley

20 Aegis 0xp
26 Araaknat 0xp
51 Chip 0xp
41 Delta 0xp
23 Easter 0xp
4 Gemini 0xp
34 Kylorenne 0xp
13 Lumia 0xp
18 Miyo 0xp
2 mou 0xp
10 Nameko 0xp
14 Nebula 0xp
9 Oon 0xp
86 Oon Noel 0xp
41 Pillzinator 0xp
74 raam 0xp
11 Strigoi 0xp
23 XIII 0xp

you need to estimate the tanaereva cr and also estimate the cards what you search.

tuesday 21/03/2017

can you estimate your search
thanks !

I am buying all
Rattle at 28k
Faiza at 30k
Shaker at 22k
Wilde at 10k

Doesn't matter if they 0xp or full
just send to my ps for that amount as many i will buy.



I'm changing my Vixen 0xp by Greendy and Fastbender.

El divino = 36k
Numar = 44k
Oraya = 25k

If you add another el divino i might considersmiley

monday 20/03/2017

Lookin to trade 2 kenny cr and 1 rex sweig for xantiax robb cr also looking for robb cr if you have pm me

sunday 19/03/2017

My Sum Sam Cr 0xp (2.485.000) clintz in exchange for 4 cards below:

1. Ursula, valued 80.000 clintz
2. Noctezumama, valued 185.000 clintz
3. Ymirah Cr, valued 510.000 clintz
4. Lamar Cr, valued 1.650.000 clintz


Why is that?

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