monday 08/02/2016

Buying her for 796000

Hi i trade :

- Lyse Teria Cr 5 850 000
- DJ Korr Cr 9 400 000

I acept:
- Cash
- Marlysa Cr 1,5M
- Splata Cr 1,1M
- Lamar Cr 950k
- Kerozinn Cr / Tessa Cr 900k
- Vickie Cr 800k
- Elvis 0xp 14k/T (130 max)
- Propose you smiley

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I've corrected your thread, please keep this in mind smiley


I´m trading Rass Cr 922K for some Earl 0Xp


I'm trading some Crs for Spyke 0xp 57k/each

I have to trade :
DJ Korr Cr 9M
Kiki Cr 8M
Lyse Teria Cr 5M7
General Cr 7M2
Full Cash

If u want cash i can buy all yours spyke 0xp for 55k/each

Only searching for rex sweig now

10 Rex Sweig 0xp = 3 Dounia Cr Full

Still available last 55 ielena 0exp -> 14k/tsmiley

sunday 07/02/2016

30 Herman 0xp vs 28 Fuzz 0 xp

100 ielena sold

I am looking for Noctezuma 0xp, do you have any? I have shann cr and vermyn N and bowenpower to trade and clintz

saturday 06/02/2016

Offer closed.

Caelus cr 0xp isn't available

Also can offer 1000 Caiman Kade lvl2 vs Lamar

Not interested in Dounia, thanks

Last offer 5.5M in ps

Lamar Cr + 300k
Shawoman Cr + 550k

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