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friday 18/03/2016

Je reviens au jeu et ont de l'argent que je veux investir dans des cartes . Im la recherche de grands vracs de bonne cr jouable ci-dessous Tanaereva cr ( tous les cr ci-dessous 500k marque ) . Aussi im plus important à la recherche de bonnes cartes jouables normales en vrac . Je peux aussi faire des métiers de la partie et de l'argent pour une cr yayoi et veenyle cr.
environ 3 m de trésorerie
yayoi cr
veenyle cr
PM -moi des offres seront i prendre en considération que je suis seulement après 0XP mais je peut faire quelques considérations .
Si je ne suis pas en ligne i arrive à revenir à vous dès que je peux.
Je vous remercie

I buy all your diana 0xp for 11.5K/T each smiley

El Papa Gallo 0 xp 1800 / tete
Lenard 0 xp 14500 / tete
Arantxa 0 xp 5000 / tete
MIss Xingshu 14000 / tete
Cindy 0 xp 2800 / tete
Djengo 0 xp 27000 / tete
Drak 0 xp 26000 / tete
Granny May 0 xp 1800 / tete ( Max 47)
Shaker 0 xp 21000 / tete

en vp Merci smiley

mp for lots


I Buy yours pegh 0xp 12 500/T each in private sell

Looking to trade NDololo Cr 0xp for your Splata Cr full xp.
PM me please.
At the time of writing, they are worth the same on the market.

My offer: Jackie Cr + 500k cash for Manon Cr

thursday 17/03/2016

Hi i want to sell 2 miss twice cr Oxp (550k each) for your 12 shann cr Oxp (91,666 each one)

Thanks smiley


As the topic said, i want to buy all your Mango 0 exp, i offer 2 700 clintz for each Mango, please send them by private sells if it´s ok!

Thanks! smiley

I have one Lyse Teria Cr and im asking for 5.9 M! smiley

wednesday 16/03/2016

Here also i wanna say this, the offer must include kerozinn cr. smiley just need her lol

62 copys of this card are currently on the market for under 3K. I don't think anyone will accept your offer my friend.

tuesday 15/03/2016

[SELL] Spyke 0exp + Striker full 145K (total)

I'm interested in your Magnar: I could offer you 175 copies of Derby Queen or 67 copies of Dave. I also have some lots of Mandrak and Hubert if you're interested, as well as some random cards including some Raptors

I have 6 Kenny cr 0xp and I value them at 140k which is 840k
I want

Zaria x 4 - 40k
Rattle x 4 - 40k
Rez sweig x 4 - 80k
Uranus x 4 - 43k
Lehane x 2 - 11. 4 k

Which equals 832000

Pm me if interested and I'll listen to other offers thanks

monday 14/03/2016

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