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tuesday 20/11/2007

JOIN US AND BECOME THE BEST GUILD CLINT CITY HAS EVER SEEN! We can restore justice to the streets and by joining the cops you can truly make a difference and of course make many friends and plenty of $$$. JOINN


monday 19/11/2007

All pot heads join


This is the link to my guild. Feel free to join us. We will welcome any who associate him with mafia nd the thug life ides as part of the urban culture.

Thanks for the support

Hi, im Xaunt leader of pure pwnage
we are looking for new members
we are a freindly guild looking to help everyone out to titan stage


here is a link to our guild page, if ya have any questions then talk to me or my deputy Visualforma

Nobody wants to join me in a starting guild smiley

smiley yo join here if your english we want lots of members so if you want join smiley smiley


My guild, Playboy Enterpries is new and accepting members. For now, I'm not picky on who I let in as long as you like to play, are dedicated to our guild, and are respectful to me as well as other players. I will help everyone in the guild as much as I can with whatever they may need. My eventual goal is to build up a diverse set of members highly skilled at playing Urban Rivals and that are contenders in the tournaments. Please visit this link to join: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=117108


Hugh M. Hefner

That will be fine click the link above and join..

I will join!\

Ill join but im only a novice

Hi i am trying to help my friend recruit for our giuld plz do!! smiley we dont bite.... ok mabe sometimes we do but thats only me ^.^ but i dont bite everyone only some ppl so plz join our giuld!!!

sunday 18/11/2007

Just thought i'd say hi and introduce my self , i'm luke smiley i've played this game before thanks to a freind and i decided to make a account.

Ill join your gulid if i would be admin tell me thnx im level 19

I am the founder darth dragon and all who "want to come to my guild come before spots are taken

We are currently the best guild in Brazil, but now we are looking for other players, so now any nations can come and join us, if you are lvl 35 + then come to our guild, only the best are accepted here.

here's the link:http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=120456

Hi, Pure Pwnage is a small but freindly guild seeking new members, we are sorting out having our own tournments inside the private gaming room also have ideas for many new projects we can do toghter
if your intrested in a place and have more questions then feel free to send me a message


Hi any1 welcome i am looking for admins i hold little tourneys win cards

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