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sunday 18/11/2007

A.N.B.U is looking for new members!!! join us in our quest to destroy all who oppose us!!!!

Really need at least 1 player by today
they will be an admin because i need someone to accept people into guild because i'm away for 3 days

Greetings fellow australians! There is a new Australian guild out! We are called Mana Australia! Requirements at the moment is any level. But before long we hope to set it to 10 then eventually 15.

http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=122026 to sign up!

Oh yeah you have to be australian or nz.

saturday 17/11/2007

Da BoMb CrEw! offers a very, non flaming, active guild with a primary objective in which is to build a big enough guild to get lots of battle points, ELO for the guild. To create ThA bOmB! Here is the link if you're interested!:


Please, we'd love it if you really enjoy our guild! Also that's one of our aims, to build and create a freindly community!

After Some very serious talking with the Admins We have decided to recrute more people

if own at least 1 sentinels and your above level 10 then you can join heres the link


Anyone who speaks english (or can find a translator) can join, we are looking for new members

I would be honoured if you would accept.

Everybody feel free to join our amazing guild. People from all countries can join.

Please come we need more players

Is there any way to get clintz faster in a match?

Want to join one of the best guilds? Join the Organization today!


friday 16/11/2007

Everybody feel free to join our amazing guild. People from all countries can join.

Please come we need more players

Im interested

Hey guys i just put in a guild request and id love to have some of you guys join, its called ORGANIKA and its not only a skate company, its a lifestyle. its for the tru earth savers and freedom skaters

Our guild is growing great. Please contintue to apply. Thanks to all that have already smiley

Open anyone who either lives in japan or can speak fluent to semi fluent japanese
once we get enough members then we'll decide if we should speak in jap or english

nihonjin ka nihongo wo shabereru hito ni kono giuld ga aitemasu
4nin ijou atsumattara nihongo (romaji, hiragana wa tsukaenai to omou) ka eigo wo messe-ji ni tsukau ka erabimasu


If you need to join a guild then join mine i will take anyone level 10 or below.smiley

thursday 15/11/2007

If you english and looking for a clan send a clan invite too us at that following link:


New guild recruiting, <Damage Inc>
Come one, come all. Notice, you must be on-line in order to recieve a guild invite. Just send me a message if you are interested in joining!

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