monday 04/03

I am looking to trade my Vickie Cr 0xp for a full one + 1 mil cash or 1.2 cards smiley Thanks

sunday 03/03

My Lao Cr 3.7m for
Xantiax Robb Cr 3.6m

Tanaereva Cr 3.5m

Saitamurai +2.5m clintz

saturday 02/03

Trading Dragan Mt for:
#General Cr + 2m Clitz Or
Lyse Teria Cr + 600k Clitz.
Pm me if interested. I can also offer other cr and high value cards.

I have a Mt manon to sell or exchange:
Case of exchange want a Kerozinn MT

Buying Vickie Cr for 4.5m clintz in cash.
I dont care about card´s XP

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Ill do remaining 13 for 4k ?

friday 01/03

I trade 1 No Love 0xp (3.1m) + Cards vs 2 Atkinson 0xp (3.6m)

Now just: nemo and no love
vickie out

i want to trade Armanda Cr 0exp 3.55m

Looking for:
Maana Cercei 0exp (max 3) 620k/u
Nero 0exp (max 5) 320k/u
Sentenza 0exp (max 3) 300k/u
Gruber 0exp (max 5) 70k/u

Pm me if interested smiley

thursday 28/02

Add to my research:

McLain 0exp (max 6) 190k/t
Gruber 0exp (max 10) 70k/t

wednesday 27/02

HI, look private message!

like in the title, i trade:

Lyse Teria Cr full exp (14m)

Looking for:
Maana Cercei 0exp (max 10) 650k/u
Serafina 0exp (max 10) 420k/u
Crook 0exp (max 3) 510k/u
Nero 0exp (max 8.) 320k/u
Sentenza 0exp 300k/u

I trade too 2 Death Adder full exp + 25k/t for their 0exp
Pm me if interested

tuesday 26/02

Buenas a todos vendo o cambio Armanda Cr 0xp
Precio de venta: 3.7m clintz
Tambien acepto: Cr´s del mismo valor, clintz o cartas `Big´ como no love
Da igual exp de las cartas

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