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thursday 18/10/2007

The knights of light's Recruting everyone!

Entre neste clã e vamos mostrar que temos força para ser melhor clã do urbans

Then how do you not know of the lv 5 rule? anywho ya that and they could have a main, or their guild has a bank. like mine.

Hey you do torunies eh? clan tournies or just the every 5 hour ones?

wednesday 17/10/2007

The Guild Is Now The Invincibles

Join Army of Mordor if ur really in to this game

Hey. Well my guild is fairly new and were looking for new members. We accept any levels and will accept anyone who attempts to join.

So come one and all and have fun, After all, this is a game, Isnt it?smiley

Try pressing "submit picture" after browsing the pic.

What do you mean a star buy a credit in shop and you get one

Join The Radical Roots Guild http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=101299 every one is welcome

We are a guild based on leveling, having fun, and later, winning some tournaments!
I am willing to accept everyone, for now.

tuesday 16/10/2007

Are u kidding? u cant get double EXP off this! try actually playing and then try getting what u need.smiley

Our guild needs new recruits. Any lvl (lvl 5>smiley, any country. Come on, join our group to spend times to vs, chat, train... We will not disappoint you and there's a place for everyone. Do not hesitate to join our luxurious group. We welcome you aboard!!!

smiley My Awesomely Cool Guild Is Looking For Awesomely Cool Members. So Come Along. smiley

Anybody is welcome as long as they are above level 5. Durrrhhh But Yeah. Come Along and check us out

monday 15/10/2007

Looking for more people

Looking to recruit new members

the url to the guild

Cud you overcome this task and join the mightiest guild of all urban rivals?
and become of a group of survivers and fearless playes?
you will get advantages of taking a place in this magnifacent guild we will help you
overcome your targets and more! so hurry when places last.
all players welcome but please be active and please dont be rude have a nice time deuling.smileysmiley

Sure you can join, ill be happy to have you. just click on the link and apply from there smiley

The TC Knights are here to help all newcommers and also the more experianced players. Share your knowledge and help our new players understand what it means to become a TC knight.

Follow this link to join

Or send a message to me. Hopefully I'll be seeing you soon

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