friday 29/11/2013

Not really you see I am seeking members for my guild so it will be more easy for each of us too know who is who, and so we can in general either argue about it, or have fun with each other


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Just Join it!! For Fun only Recruiting All lvl

You are right Merlin, this is not a new guild, and you already have a recruitment thread. Please use it to get Coliseum players or approach the highest ranking players in Coliseum to join you smiley

What are your roles, What do we do in your Guild?

thursday 28/11/2013

Correct section

Lol none.... I don't play dt often

wednesday 27/11/2013

Yeah Right Bro.
(Jason Statham: You Need To Calm Down And Let Me Help You.......)

Bit of everything?! Care to elaborate?

When you get to level 25, Open Casket can take you smiley

tuesday 26/11/2013

Good luck with your guild smiley

Wow... hahahaha never in a million years I'd expect what I read in infy's link loool

monday 25/11/2013

What about war party?

Have Fun Getting Members smiley

sunday 24/11/2013

Please create your guild and then start recruiting members to help you build the guild you want smiley

Im a Male...But thanks for saying,"Yes." To Me.
i really appreciate that smiley

Thank you.

I like girls, but perhaps Girls can join but they have to be polite.

The correct section for this is the general section.

The new website is glitchy and still in beta.

You could try clearing your cache & cookies, updating java (ect). If it still doesn't works try switching back to the old website or send a message to support.
Link to support:
Link to old website:

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saturday 23/11/2013

This guild is for people and players that collect CR and LD cards of Urban Rivals so come join us and show off your collection of cards in the house of cards.


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Thanks MeRLiN I must admit i didnt Spend annytime on forum yet since that not my best thing smiley
I didnt really come clear what my intentions are with this guild but my idea is : !!

TemplarZz ✠ Is the name, people know what Templars are in case they played Assasinscreed or did some searching.
My idea IS to like Post documatrys or oponions or things you found on the internet, things you wont see all day with KNOWLEDGE that should be written in history books, in stead of what bullcrap ( hopefulyl no bannable word omg ) now days.
In the last few years ive read seen some much intersting things! And since im playing a game to why not make it more then only about the game smiley
Ofcrouse we trade tacticts and what so ever, but as i said im more focussing on guid:1978405 as a guild then TemplarZz ✠ the number 1 guild to be smiley hope to see you guys soon my fellow guid:1978405

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