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monday 12/08/2019

5 Atkinson 0 xp (920k)
1 Berserkgirl Cr 0 xp (2,2M)

Look for:
Charlie Cr 0xp (375k)
Romana Cr Full xp (622k)
Vixen Cr 0 xp (380k)
Shakra Cr (220k)
Valhala Cr (180k)
I accept difference in cash

I want to trade your #lizbeth cr any exp with these cards:
#maana cercei 0xp
Bruno 0xp
Beef Cr 0xp
Ielena Cr full xp
Maciej 0xp
Cassandra 0xp

sunday 11/08/2019

Ill do 2.3m right now

saturday 10/08/2019

I also have selsya Cr 0xp (700k) that I would trade for 55 Hilal 0xp

I've done it before with some expensive crs but thanks for your concern and opinion all about trusting my fellow rivals

friday 09/08/2019

Great offers so far, also just a side note I do have a Volkan CR 0xp available to add value to any trades/sales.

Good evening,

I offer 0 XP:
Marlysa Cr 4,8M
Dounia Mt 3,75M
#Tanaereva cr 3M
Tessa Cr 2,9M
Flavio Cr 2M
Berserkgirl Cr 2M
Caelus Cr 1,3M
Ratanah Mt 1,1M
No Love 1M
15 Behemoth 500k/t

Alec Mt 3,4M
2 Caelus Cr 1,2M/t

I am looking for 0 xp (max 1):
DJ Korr Cr 11M
Volkan Cr 7,5M
Sum Sam Cr 5,4M
Splata Cr 4,1M
Vickie Cr 3,5M
Xantiax Robb Cr 2,9M
Lao Cr 2,7M
NDololo Cr 2,7M
Armanda Cr 2,1M
Kalindra Cr 1,45M
Jackie Cr 1,4M (unlimited)
Miss Twice Cr 1,25M
Reine Cr 1M
Jim Cr 900K
Charlie Cr 375k (unlimited)

P.S. Only for DJ Korr Cr I can offer 6M cash + 5M in cards.

thursday 08/08/2019

I mean 880k clintz smiley

Trade my Volkan Cr 0xp + Blaaster Cr full xp for your Guru Cr any xp

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr thursday 08/08/2019, 16:38

Looking for:
1 Splata Cr 4.150M
1 Pericles Mt 650k
1 Miss Twice Cr 1.245M
1 Elya Cr 2.350M
1 Tessa Cr 2.990M

Outdated offer. Will close this thread.

80 to trade

Thanks =)
Private sales too smiley

I would like to buy both of them together.
710k clintz for both (~85% of the market value right now).

I will list some valuable cards i have and maybe we can make a deal with then if it is your interest:
Aamir (~200k)
Lowki (~200k)
Greem Cr (~90k)
Dwain Cr (~600k)

wednesday 07/08/2019

Good evening,

I exchange my #lyse teria cr full + 600k for your #lyse teria cr 0 xp

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