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tuesday 02/10/2007

We are recruiting everyone so feel free to join. If i think you are good enough I will make you admin.

This guild is mostly for battling, but you can join if you just want the guild name by yours. ;]

monday 01/10/2007

If you mean how many members can be in the guild...then it's infinity. lol.
Right now we have a DECENT amount of guild members

The Demonic Alliance is a guild. A guild of warriors. Fighters if you will.
We are recruting as well.
This is an AMERICAN guild (not trying to be racist. If I am, then I apologize.)
So, if you're American and your not in a guild yet, then postulate for The Demonic Alliance today!!

(-->the Graffity´s Guild<--) is Looking for new members level 30+. We are the 2nd in Argentina but with more members we would be the 1st. If u are not lv30 go to (-->the Graffity´s Academy<--) and we would help u to reach that level. We are waiting for YOU.

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Hello! smiley

If you want to join in a GUILD join to us!

The knights of light's
( http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=85392 )

Nossa guilda esta a procura de novos membros! Aceitamos apenas lvl 5+ (rsrsrsrs)

The knights of light's
( http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=85392 )

I Myself have an all Freak deck with a leader.
and were recruiting lvl 12+.

Thx Everyone


P.S. Only requirement is (TD_) in front of your name.

sunday 30/09/2007

We need recruits

Of course if you're Welsh or Scottish you're also welcome... Our Brothers in Arms. smiley

Wow I just realized my I was wrong when wrote my guild name smiley
the right one is XLycurguS .X smiley
Sorry guys, I submit this message after I played 11 hours.. smiley


Generic Guild #3.14, where we crusade in the name of pie! Or, pi, if you're mathematically minded.

All welcomed, none refused. Join us, be merry, and just have a good time, all in the name of pie!

Anyone else

Wow..ur guild rhymths....(dunno how to spell)

saturday 29/09/2007

Please now! Help us overthrow the NORMAL people, CRAZINESS rules and ALWAYS will. Will you let our guild be shut down
just after opening? Will you let all the crazy people in the world suffer? NO, you must join and we will conqeur!!! WE WILL
WIN! ..... WE WILL ROCK YOU... ahem... is that a song? err anyway JOIN!!! NOW!!!

http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=92789 LADY0FFIRE'S LOONIES GUILD!!!

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If you buy credits then you can sell your cards in the market and to other peoples other than Kate.

Do get more credits try visiting the link "The Shop" at the "My Collection" tab. There you can see at the bottom the available methods for you country in purchasing credits.

Or you just participate in daily tournament and be on the top half of the participants to earn 1 credit, play.

If your level 20 already participate in ELO so that if your in top 25 you will receive 10 credits if your rank is from 26th to 100th you will receive 5 credits. And if your not anywhere in those ranks have at least more than 1000 points to get 2 credits.

Join me at http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=93464

we do not discriminate
we do not threaten
we are a guild that excapts members of all languages

hi everybody

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