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tuesday 21/08/2007

Hiya! I'm still kinda new, but if ya wanna recruit me, i'll join a fellow american smiley

monday 20/08/2007

How many people do you have in your guild if your the only one then come to my guild im trying to recute all americans i have 6 members right now

R the soleo cards still gonna be cr cards or was that canceld?

sunday 19/08/2007

If u wanna get down we are looking for peeps if u want in just give us an invite an ur in holla at cha boi


saturday 18/08/2007

Hi to all i have made a guild with my friends and i am recruitment for more players. So if u want to join a fun and friendly guild join the WolfPack now HOO-HAA!!!
This is where u have to go: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=66897

Hi this is nato131293 1 of the leaders of The Underworld. sinspawn001 and I !!WILL!! help any one that is in our
clan, k.

P.S The people who dont deserve to be destroyed with the world

friday 17/08/2007

Hey im the creator of the guild: Kings of albion, we are looking for some good commited new blood for the guild as we have just released many members due to quiting the game and they were just not bothered, as creator of the guild i would like to arange tournements and leagues with prizes for our members but first i would like a few more members, i would prefer players level 17 and up but if you are lower and intrested click to join of pm me and it will definatly be considered so its worth a go, so please take the time to check us out:

Thanks, Albion Sox87

Who want to join in my guild he is welcomesmiley

We need 2 more members to keep our guild in tact, that's about it lol.

thursday 16/08/2007

Ok last guild link expired so had to redo the guild. please now follow the link below


wednesday 15/08/2007

Hey Marco... Good luck with the guild. smiley

tuesday 14/08/2007


Do you think you have what it takes? If so...look us up.....You are welcome to join....

A newly created guild is looking for recruits! Come to us for training, and fun with this game!

Or, if you are trying to get certain cards, I'm sure the administrator would not mind helping out.

monday 13/08/2007

To join just go to this link .............http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=57547 n see if u got the beat to join our guild

sunday 12/08/2007

My guild is such a great guild to join because i love to talk to and meet new people.
so if you would like to make friends on this site then join my guild.

I just got my guild off the ground and im looking for members to join. if ur interested click on the link http://

Want revange or anything esle then join my guild where member respect each other but at the same time want respect.

Looking for anybody

Wat esle if i supposed to tell you so if you want some trainning or need help with plans and so on then i or the admins well be able to provide you with one

I warn people before the damage is done. Once the action is taken, there is little recourse left. Usually we catch these things beforehand and warnings are given. However, there were other circumstances surrounding why this blacklist was given out. It's not a simple matter of he acted out of turn and was blacklisted.

Again this will not be discussed further in this or any other thread. If you have a problem you can talk to me privately. But I will not discuss the reasons with anyone but the people directly involved.


saturday 11/08/2007

Sound like a plan?

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