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sunday 09/02/2014

only rules are
Must be level 25
Must post on forums every once in a while
Must be a troll

Limited time only. first 5 people to join over level 40 will become an admin

Yes penumbra is greatsmiley

friday 07/02/2014

We would appreciate if you join our guildn "gates to insanity" ! we don't ask for anything just to play like every day. and you might meet new friend all around the world.
apreciaríamos su unión al gremio "gates to insanity"! no preguntamos por nada mas que el que juegues justo como lo ases todos los días. y hasta podrías conocer nuevos amigos alrededor del mundo

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thursday 06/02/2014

Well i am reckless most people call me squirrel i am 24 about to be 25 my only weeknees is women because there are smarter and better then us well i gess that its to tired to think of any thing else

wednesday 05/02/2014

Join peoplesmiley


tuesday 04/02/2014

Z was able to put an event together I will donating a large prize. We are recruiting more members to join this event

Join us Legends of the Dark

monday 03/02/2014

Cr is short for collector, meaning you can't draw them from shop packs - only buy them from other players

sunday 02/02/2014

The crazy giuld

saturday 01/02/2014

Hello friends! We are looking for some new players for recruitment. It is an Indian guild ,but any leveled player from any country can join this guild.Just there are some simple rules for members.

1) You shouldn't use abuse language while chatting.
2) You should be friendly with everyone.
3) Play to enjoy.

As this is the guild for players. Just enjoy playing game whether you win or lose. So join the guild and play the game. Feel free to apply. smiley

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Started frum da bottom now we 'ere

friday 31/01/2014

thursday 30/01/2014

We are one of the top 50 guilds in the world based on activity and 1st in our country(UK) on the activity point charts
So would u like to join, we have 57 members

I recherche lot of flanagan 0xp 650/e and tremorh 0xp 5000/e

directly in my PS!

wednesday 29/01/2014

I used to run my own guild, but it was a pale comparison to the job run by the people of TCA. Now, I'm almost Lvl 100! You can do it too!

And no seatbelts are fun! That's why everyone sat in the back of the school bus on that really bumpy road!

sunday 26/01/2014

Seems like you've found Misfits, a great guild smileysmiley

friday 24/01/2014

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thursday 23/01/2014

Good luck

wednesday 22/01/2014

Have you had arguements so far smiley

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