saturday 06/04

I’m selling Cannibal Jo Cr 0xp for 14.4 million.

friday 05/04

UPDATE - Sold a few cards. Also open to trades!

Lao, Quetzal & Maana are gone. See new list below:

Boris CR 0xp - 300k
Caelus CR 0xp - 1.4M

Gonzo 0xp - 170k
Hoffman 0xp - 9k
Leviatonn 0xp - 90k
Araaknat 0xp - 16k

Buying all 0xp Bartholomew 1.2k/h for big lots ill pay higher

I accept other trades as well smiley

I am closing all threads involving General for trades since he is expected to be an Mt and prices might fluctuate.

Thank you for your understanding.

thursday 04/04

I am offering
4 Death Adder 0xp + 1 Kalindra Cr 0xp + 1 Captain Rescue full xp + 4.9m clintz approx 13.5m
for any xp Lyse Teria Cr

My Kiki Cr 0xp For Guru Cr full
Let me know if I should add something and how much


Hello everyone
I'm selling :
2 Flo Cr 0xp 68k/t
2 Lamar Cr 0xp 5m/t
1 #Robb Cr 0xp 580k
2 Terry Cr 0xp 108k/t
2 Chikko Cr 0xp 115k/t
3 Lost Hog Cr 0xp 85k/t
1 Lost Hog Cr full xp 85k/t
5 Wonder Lana Cr 0xp 60k/t
3 Jane Ramba Cr 0xp 275k/t
3 Slyde Cr 0xp 60k/t
1 Globumm Cr 0xp 54k/t
1 Reine Cr 0xp 1.64m
1 Tanaereva Cr 0xp 3.5m
Looking for:
1 Statam 200k
1 Death Adder 1.6m
1 No Love 1.8m
1 Atkinson 2m
1 #General Cr 12.5m
1 Lyse Teria Cr 12.5m
1 Kiki Cr 13m
1 DJ Korr Cr 14m
1 Cannibal Jo Cr 14m
1 Guru Cr 14m
I don't care about xp
pm me smiley

I am wanting to make a trade as described in the title.

You want to buy? or are u sell it?

Hey zaxyse,
That sounds interesting I'll pm you.

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