friday 06/07/2007

Come and see the fastest growing guild ever

If y'ou are an ARTIST , we NEED you ( french-site:

thursday 05/07/2007

wednesday 04/07/2007

Http:// join now gain some experience and friends

Want to join a real guild then come join our rapidly growing guild want to improve your expiernce and deck then join here

Join the Legion of Doom now!!!

We are going to make it into the top ten British Guilds.
We are looking for all players but remember you need to be over lvl 5

Hi! We are looking for people to join our guild. It's called Undercover Devils and we except beginners or masters. Levels don't concern us. We just want to make friends and collect cards + fighting, training, trading (the normal stuff) I have made so many friends since I made Undercover Devils. But if you are not interested don't worry! I'm not alone! But just in case Undercover Devils suits you well please consider us. I promise you won't regret it!

Search us or email me at

Red Fury- Admin of Undercover Devils

There could be free cards in it for ya

tuesday 03/07/2007

We need more players for our guild.the guild welcomes all smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

We are looking for strong players that want a challenge and that think they are the best in the world cause we only want the best in the world if u think u r tough and strong no matter the level we need u

Our address is plz submit

monday 02/07/2007

Cyber-o-drone is now recruiting, everyone join
We will help and have fun with each other

Indeed the safety I to look for to play play spawn and indeed motifé for my guidl that you is of the level 5 has 60 the guarding(nurse) of senior has vien Titan in my guidl

sunday 01/07/2007

I am Cyber Dark. My guild The Flushers are looking for more players. But we are only recruiting Lv 15 or higher players. We want to take pur guilb to the top. Come and check us out.

Army of Chaos is the fastest growing guild!!Join now and help us takeover!!

So, how do you join a guild without any administrators to accept you?

Army of Chaos is going to rise thru the ranks by any means neccasary!!Interested in joinining??WE are trying to unite players so nationality and level do not matter!!

Join at :

Si vous aimez le style "mafia" alors vous serez chez vous ici

Nous sommes ouvert a tous!

Yep....where here.....where wicked......will gonna go to the top :>..... we need good players that are playng seriously the game.... JOIN NOW! WE NEED YOU smiley smiley smiley smiley

The Urban Birds r now recruting! They have a friendly chat room, and r rising in position every day! To join visit

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