sunday 08/03/2015

Thanks, i know that is a little bit under the market price but, if someone will wanna sell it fast, will accept my offer

No thank you. I got a better offer which I had already accepted. smiley Still looking!

saturday 07/03/2015

I trade my Kiki Cr 0xp for Lyse Teria Cr 0xp + 2M cash or playable crs.
Pm for faster response. Thankssmiley

Hey guys i´d like to trade my cr´s:

robb 75
boris 16
diyo 98
2x geuner 104 ea
amiral py 17
emeth 82k
2x Edd Cr 41 ea
smokey 114
2x yayoi 63 ea
2x copper 88k ea
caelus 185k
armanda 1,45M

i´m especially searching for
LAmar cr
Noctezuma (1x)
Pericles (1x)

i hear to all offers...

I sell 40 jordygn 0xp 7000/each smiley

415 0xp Kamekun 3k each total = 1,245,000

Still looking! Now byying eryton for 4.5k each and lovhak for 1300 each

friday 06/03/2015

I have some Lots for TRADE or SELL:

1st Lot: 8 Dounia Cr full ------ min 2.64M

2nd Lot: 4 Baby Q Rb 0xp ------ min 920K

3rd Lot: 30 Irene 0xp ------ min 54K

4th Lot: 21 Grace 0xp ------ min 164K

5th Lot: 8 Dr Coperina 0xp ------ min 264K

6th Lot: 200 Arkn full - min 700K (I can break this lot into smaller lots, 3.6K/u)

I want:

Crs (any xp are same value to me): Vickie Cr, Aldebaran Cr, Splata Cr, Berserkgirl Cr, Rass Cr, Tessa Cr, Scarlett Cr, Manon Cr, Dragan Cr, NDololo Cr, Armanda Cr.

Thank you!!!!

What do you value the cards at? list the asking price for them please

Left cr´s:
2x geuner
2x kalindra
amiral py
2x Edd Cr
2x yayoi
2x copper
armanda smiley

Hi! I sell 20 bengal 0xp for 19.950/ea smiley

I'm selling 17x Ambre for 14k each or 238k total


I'm trading 200 0xp Grace (8,5k each) for 1.7M in clintz/CRs

I take any playable CR in return (no more than 10 of the same CR)

Thanks smiley

Sorry I didn't post them
12 x miefsto 0xp 17600 ph = 211200
3 x dj Korps 0xp 30000 ph = 90000

Je voudrais échanger mon Splata Cr.I estimer mon bien nivelé Splata Cr à 970k
Je cherche pour Jackie Cr + atleast 400k trésorerie + offres
Message privé moi.

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