tuesday 14/04/2015

How about my clover, fabio, oscar, and kagura full xp for that Wee Lee

I mates, im selling Lao Cr 0xp and NDololo Cr 0xp.
Prices its 1.300.000 for similar.
I will acept good Crs with complement.
Thanks smiley

i want to sell 13 bloodh 0exp

By ps smiley

monday 13/04/2015

Hi, i want to trade 21 ruru 0exp evalued 37k/each

For them i'm looking for:

Kerozinn Cr (770k) +7k cash
Vickie Cr (660k) + 117k cash
2 Tanaereva Cr (390k/each) and i put 3k cash
3 Jackie Cr (230k/each) + 87k cash

I don't accept bulks smiley

54 0xp vermaire

17200 each

No bulk offers.

Selling 2 Vickie cr full.

660k each

No bulks.

All offers considered.

I'm trading my page cr 0xp some cards (and cash if needed)

I value her at 95k in cards (since i'm asking for full & random ones). If you want to do a lift in your collection, it's now!

El Matador full/0xp - 17k
Zatman full/0xp - 31k
Almost any 20-50k card, ask for an estimation smiley

Multiple copies accepted, you just have to have a el matador in your offer.
I also accept clintz to cover up all the 95k offer.

Post here or PM me for faster response.


Selling 100 Zapatino full exp
50 yaman full exp

Oxp jackie cr for dj korps

Looking to get as many copies as possible. I value my jackie at 245k and dj at 28k

Hey I got a LYSE TERIA CR for trade or sell I'm looking for another big 5 but I'm open to other offer

Hi mate, im selling my Ndololo Cr 0xp for 1.55kk or trading for another cr + complement ( No lots ) , thank you smiley

sunday 12/04/2015

Zoe, Ruru and La Cobra have been traded

Willing to accept 550k plus a cr worth 90k

Still looking for more Rowdy Cr ! smiley

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