friday 06/03/2015

Left cr´s:
2x geuner
2x kalindra
amiral py
2x Edd Cr
2x yayoi
2x copper
armanda smiley

Hi! I sell 20 bengal 0xp for 19.950/ea smiley

I'm selling 17x Ambre for 14k each or 238k total


I'm trading 200 0xp Grace (8,5k each) for 1.7M in clintz/CRs

I take any playable CR in return (no more than 10 of the same CR)

Thanks smiley

Sorry I didn't post them
12 x miefsto 0xp 17600 ph = 211200
3 x dj Korps 0xp 30000 ph = 90000

Je voudrais échanger mon Splata Cr.I estimer mon bien nivelé Splata Cr à 970k
Je cherche pour Jackie Cr + atleast 400k trésorerie + offres
Message privé moi.

I would like to trade my splata cr.I estimate my fully leveled splata cr at 970k
I`m looking for Jackie cr+ atleast 400k cash +offers

thursday 05/03/2015

Buy you grace a 7200?¿

Hi!, I Am looking for marlysa cr 0 exp and I would give you splata cr+ caelus cr 0exp+ 21 lin xia 0exp por, if you are interested you know what to do smiley

Lyse Teria Cr, Vickie Cr , Jackie Cr, Mona, Zatman, Lady, Edd Cr, Haze for u General Cr.

Hi! I trade my shawoman cr 0xp 890k + 110k cash or in cards (how do you better prefer) vs Lamar cr (1M)



i'm looking to buy lots of the cards below, cash in my PS smiley

- La Bestia 0xp ---> 16k/t
- Norman 0xp ---> 800ctz/t
- Beef 0xp ---> 2,3k/t
- Noodile Cr 0xp ---> 19,5k/t

Hello all it would be my pleasure to exchange my naginata full xp (17)k for your ray (full xp)...card which can fill the price gap can be decided...thanx

Also can add clintz for a jackie cr

Looking to trade 1 Baby Q RB (240k value) for a cr or crs of comperable value. Please post or pm me offers. Thanks smiley

wednesday 04/03/2015

Can I do another offer for ur splata cr?

Hi, I have 1 vickie cr full whom I no longer require.
I value her at 690k in cash, or 700k in cards.
I would prefer cash, but I will consider all offers. Thank!

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