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monday 18/06/2007

Fraggle: " The "bug" you are describing is because there are multiples database, and replication can get "late". We will add more servers very soon to limit this issue."

sunday 17/06/2007

I forgot the guild page: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=19638

We'd love to make u a part of our family my guilds called - Knights of the Apocalypse

The guild legacy is being deleted and a new one is being created called looneys, if u wish to join contact me

saturday 16/06/2007

Also want players who can at least speak english decently, also wanting to try to become better at the game. also here is the link:


Please join mine its called (knights of the apocalypse)

friday 15/06/2007

Well, if your guild falls, you are welcome to join mine smiley

Still recruiting, do not be timid. I seem to be currently Number 1 UK player, and aim to improve that smiley

On recrute toujours, ne soyez pas timides. Apparemment je suis en ce moment le joueur numero 1 base au Royaume-Uni, et j'ai l'intention d'ameliorer ca smiley

Im looking for players that take the game serious, this is because Devil's Reject's is a new guild, promised to make it high, so if you want to help reach the top and want to get involved then come on in!!, If your new to the game, then will help you out, if your not new, then we need ya, so if that sounds good to you then join the Devil's Reject's!!! smiley

If your intrested Click the link to the guild -- http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=35386

thursday 14/06/2007

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=35322 its a guild which aims to become the greatest guild in the game but it needs you, plus i'll let u decide what options are on in the guild room for battling

Legacy is in the process of rebuilding and is currently looking for new members, check it out

We are looking for anyone really.
We will work with and help eachother to win.

If you seek a good guild, selected "World Union".
Our currency: a world linked in diversity for a better future.
Thank you

Hey guys! if you are a nightmare user and looking for a nice guild (if we have more than 20 members) then this guild is for you...its called † Damned †

wednesday 13/06/2007

Leave the guild you are in and go to another one. Or Fix it. Be the one to take charge and lead.

tuesday 12/06/2007

I hope that all the players who love anime will join me in Anime Alley because we are still growing.

monday 11/06/2007

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Methane plz

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