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saturday 14/12/2013

I'm not looking to roleplay in that way, but that's a great idea, 888! It looks like you moved on to an established guild, but if you're still into the idea I'd encourage you to go for it!

Welcome back you can join my guild

friday 13/12/2013

tuesday 10/12/2013

Please close the thread, You already look for a Guild Already.

sunday 08/12/2013

Beyond sarcastic... me??? Never! I could never be sarcastic

Thank You DomTeBest smiley

wednesday 04/12/2013

If the account you are referring to is hoyshanuk, please contact customer services, they might be able to help you.

tuesday 03/12/2013

Oh. Sorry, war boy. I'm just trying to find some people who would like to join my guild. I could take the thread down if you want?

Good luck with your Guild.

Your guild already has a recruitment thread, please use it smiley

sunday 01/12/2013

Thanks everyone and ill revise this ASAP

saturday 30/11/2013


I'm English so I can't join this gangster guild smiley my dreams of becoming a big time gangster are over smiley

friday 29/11/2013

Not really you see I am seeking members for my guild so it will be more easy for each of us too know who is who, and so we can in general either argue about it, or have fun with each other


edited by ArtemisBZ friday 29/11/2013, 13:29


Just Join it!! For Fun only Recruiting All lvl

You are right Merlin, this is not a new guild, and you already have a recruitment thread. Please use it to get Coliseum players or approach the highest ranking players in Coliseum to join you smiley

What are your roles, What do we do in your Guild?

thursday 28/11/2013

Correct section

Lol none.... I don't play dt often

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