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thursday 06/06/2019

I have:
7 copies of Dounia Mt full xp (check my market sales)
9 copies of Dounia Mt 0 xp

I want:
The OG Big 5 of UR
DJ Korr Cr
Lyse Teria Cr
Guru Cr
Kiki Cr
General Mt

PM me for offers.

I'm currently looking for Volkan Cr and would like to offer Vickie Cr + Lizbeth Cr + 2.7m

The deal is close
Thanks #HoA Chipolino

I have a Sum Sam Cr I'll trade for it even, since I'd rather have the Volkan. Either PM me or send a PT, and I'll send one right back before accepting. smiley

4,7M is ok for me regarding the market smiley

wednesday 05/06/2019

Wrong language. Here's a translation:

Hello, I trade my #Bllodh Cr full + 10k for your 0xp Bloodh Cr
I can do the following trade 150 times.
Private message me, thank you.

I Trade my
1x Atkinson 0 exp - 2.3kk
1x Death Adder 0 exp - 1.2kk

For your Xantiax Robb Cr - 3.5kk


If still available it is ok for me, I have a general Mt to trade

68 bloodh cr gone, biggest lot by far.

Closing this, let me know if someone still wants to trade for my arms and crazy legs. smiley

I am broke, cant go higher sadly.

I'm trading mine Kiki Cr 0xp vs your #Volkan + cumplement.
Pm me thanks

Volkan Cr 0xp = 9M

I'm looking for:
Marlysa Cr = 4M
Elya Cr 0 xp= 3M
Ymirah Cr full = 2.5M

I will add 500k or i will listen to your offers smiley

As I've mentioned above, I will buy them immediately smiley
If you're looking for a quick buyer, I'm here smiley

No problem. Best of luck for the trade.

Both have been sold.


tuesday 04/06/2019

Just Pm me your offer
I do not accept large lots nor clintz only. Feom the rest, we will see
Thank you

Thanks buddy but atm this is as high as i can go.

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