saturday 02/02

Jeena: Sold
Ackh: Sold
Hawk: Sold
Omega Dregn: Sold

Up one last time before closing subject.

Adding another 5 cards,trade 70xVictor Van Dort 0xp for No Love 0xp

friday 01/02

3 messages

Just_commons: it's okay, don't get all worked up about it, i'm not forcing anyone to sell at that price for me, i only gave my budget price, if it's okay with them... good
if not, still good, so it's all good, okay

Homie jesus: "Alluka(dope name by the way!)" thank you smiley

Sold all the cards, thanks to everyone who was interested. smiley

I buy kalindra cr payment 1.780M. I await contact...

thursday 31/01

Exchange done smiley

If you invest, you ll get:

you sold some card, it became CR or even MT
you invest in some cards, they didnt became CR or MT and have huge drop in price

wednesday 30/01

I'll take anything that's remotely serious

Looking to purchase DJ KORR for 16 million clintz. Send me a PM if you have him for sale, I would be willing to negotiate a little bit!

Hey I'm willing to give you 16 mil for him!

I'm willing to pay 16 mil! Send me a DM!

Up,accepting Cannibal Jo Cr any xp

At the moment only Scarlacc has not been mentioned of interest to any player.

I will close the thread once all the trades have been settled or 12 hours from now depending on which comes first.

I will be busy tomorrow and I will try to settle things. If you send me a PM before the thread closes, I will consider it, even after 12:01PM GMT+8.

tuesday 29/01

Estimate each Figaro at 80k now ( all 0xp)

Congratulations on buying your card smiley

Selling my 43 Schwarz 0xp for 27k each.

I'm looking for

Mechakolos Cr (1 copy)
Nero (1 copy)
Nahi Cr (1 copy)
Selsya Cr (1 copy)

And of course clintz.
XP doesn't matter. PM me for a quicker response. Prices a bit negotiatable

Hey in order to either buy or sell A Award Cr you will need to write in English smiley

My 0xp Death Adder for your full plus this 3 card. Thanks for considering.
Bruno any xp
Clarice any xp
Figaro any xp

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