thursday 02/04/2015

Sold smiley

Hi smiley

I trade my 350 noland full xp
total 840k

the price is really good

I am looking to trade for cr or card (price min 50k) for example

cash (discount -2%)
Copper Cr 88k
jackie cr 224k
pericles 73k

Still looking! =)

Done, thanks. smiley

wednesday 01/04/2015

Salut a tous j'echange les suivantes cr

◘ 1 manon cr full 1.1m
◘ 30 Rowdy Cr 0exp 90k/t


◘ cr jouable comme Kerozinn Cr 750k, Dalhia Cr 150k, Caelus Cr 195k etc etc
carte normal en 0exp comme
Dj Korps 0exp 30k, Scopica 7k, Bloodh 23k, Ielena 10k

echange en vp

tous est negociable, si vous etes interessè contact moi

Hi everyone, today I wanna sell my 1000 rekved 0xp at 5.500.000 clintz. Write me in pv if you are interested in buy them.

- 16 Kawamashi cr

General cr at 6.4? WTF

Estimare 350 noland smiley

divisible in max 50 for lots smiley

are you interested ?

I have a full lyse teria cr, and a full kiki cr.
interested in any of them? if yes how much do you value each one?

50 nellie 0xp ---> 6,5k/T
6 shann full ---> 31,5k/T
2 shann 0xp ---> 32k/T
3 ruru 0xp ---> 37k/T

Cerco cash, in alternativa accetto: juicy lord 0xp (11k) , buddy 0xp (18k) , rubie 0xp (10k) , dorian 0xp (20k)

tuesday 31/03/2015

Baby Q Rb full + 275k cash ?

Dylan for 1250 each

In My private sales smiley

Ok cool Gtyu smiley

monday 30/03/2015

Sledg and Tina gone

Well Levi, the tags aren't complicated either smiley

(VTE) = Sale - only clintz
(ECH) = Trade - trade cards for other cards with clintz maybe.
(ACH) = Purchase - only clinz
(ENCH) = Auction

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