tuesday 09/06/2015

500x Ulrich 0exp -> 7k/each
155x Oyoh 0exp -> 6.5k/each
100x Askai 0exp-> 8k/each
50x Lou 0exp -> 9k/each

I want to trade the below cards I'm willing to take most 0xp lots cards valued over 5k
Pm me for faster response
21 x grace 0xp 8.400 ph 176400
4 x octana 0xp 23000 ph 92000
X2 grouchy 0xp 17200 ph 34400
X4 Lindsey 0xp 9900 ph 39600
X6 Farman 0xp 9700 ph 58200
X4 boomstock 0xp 5000 ph 20000
X1 rahi sledon 0xp 17000 ph 17000
X10 vektor 0xp 10500 ph 105000
X2 hefty 0xp 14400 ph 28800

I am willing to negotiate the price. smiley

Any takers? I accept literally anything, clintz, cards, you name it.
I also accept offers for individual sales of 1 copy, i got to get rid of this. smiley

Raised to 180k any xp whole clan

I buy all put in vp smiley

Sorry I mean c dusk

So the card goes to ramzy!

monday 08/06/2015

390k now

I'm Back guys, sorry for the late, New Lists:

"On Sale" List:

- Lamar Cr 930k
- 35x Octana 0xp 24k/e ---> 840k
- 22x Sera M1 0xp 27k/e ---> 594k
- Ambrose Cr 440k
- Skullface Cr 310k
- Selsya Cr 305k
- 8x Rahi Sledon 17.5k/e ---> 140k
- Kreen Cr 0xp 90k
- 24x Gork 0xp 3.6k/e ---> 86k
- 60x Nina (Various XP) 1.2k/e ---> 72k
- 16x Tasty Tast 0xp 4k/e ---> 64k
- Marco Cr 0xp 58k
- Edd Cr 0xp 40k
- 2x Rad 0xp 18k/e ---> 36k
- 3x Dolly Cr 0xp 9k/e ---> 27k
- Noodile Cr 22k
- 2x Nekurenbo 0xp 8k/e ---> 16k

Some Valuation are based on trade so they may drop even in case of cash offers. Prices may be Negotiable.

"Looking for" List:

- Cash
- Lots of 0xp Cards (a few Example: Fei 12k/e, Bodenpower 18k/e, Ratanah 34k/e, Pericles 75k/e, Noctezuma 95k/e and more)
- Lots of 0xp Crs (Veenyle Cr 42k/e; Yayoi Cr 78k/e; Blaaster Cr 190k/e; Caelus Cr 200k/e; Kalindra Cr 205k/e, Jackie Cr 230k/e)
- Jim Cr 0xp 300k (Single Copy)

It's a non-exhaustive list (so you can propose different cards).

PM for faster replies.

Thank You smiley

Thanks so much Levi smiley

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

Not supporting this really, there are way more other cards that need reworked versions.

sunday 07/06/2015

Cards Still Available-(At around prices above)smiley
Splata Cr 950k
Rowdy Cr 75k
Dalhia Cr 2x 300k
Alec Cr 245k
Marco Cr 54k
cooper cr 75k
Caelus Cr 200k
Dounia Cr 235k
Chiara Cr 35k
Rhed Cr 20k
Message me for offers CASH ONLY!!!!smiley

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