friday 27/03/2015

Hello guys

I would like to trade my:

Armanda Cr 0XP
Seldnor Cr 0XP

I am loooking for ONLY 1 copy and ONLY these cards:

Beltran Cr
Ombre Cr
Melissa Cr
Sigmund Cr
Aldebaran Cr
Splata Cr
Tessa Cr
Lamar Cr
Manon Cr
Sum Sam Cr
Dragan Cr
Scarlett Cr
Lao Cr

Pm for offers

Good evening to all exchange one Splata Cr 0XP, estimated 950K (negotiable)

looking for:
- cash
- Cr playable Kerozinn (765K) Jackie Cr (225k) Copper Cr (85k) Caelus Cr (190k)
- Lots of cards: Numar (60k) X-0DUS (60k) Striker (55k)

I rate still other proposals and I can decide whether to accept them or not! Nanook Rb 0xp at the value of 3.3M!! smiley

All karnor ved sold to Chuckila smiley
Thanks again Chuckila smiley

Baxter Ngrath e Sigma gone!

Pan was 3600 recently...

Manipulate much ? smiley

thursday 26/03/2015

Hi, im looking for:

- CASH: (40%min for B5)
- Sah Brinak 0xp (12K/T)
- Octana 0xp (24K/T)
- Pericles 0xp (78K/T)
- Dr Copernica 0xp (32K/T)
- Farman 0xp (9,5K/T)
- Edd Cr 0xp (45K/T)
- Robb Cr 0xp (80K/T)
- 1 Tanaereva Cr full xp (370K)
- 1 Kerozinn Cr full xp (750K)

I propose:
-Kiki Cr 0xp: 7M350K
-Kiki Cr full xp: 7M300K
-Lyse teira cr full xp: 5M400K
- Kreen Cr 100k, Emeth Cr 88k, Ombre Cr 390k, Marco Cr 0xp 65k, Smokey Cr 120k

Thanks smiley

86K Clintz, or 90k total trade value, 10k individual minimum.

Guru + Miss Twice

I want to sell 1000 Aleister 0xp for 650.000 clintz.

I want cash (but i can also trade for cr's and 0xp lots)

I have a full xp Robb cr to trade...
I'm only interested in 0xp rahi steldon
4 rahi steldon for my Robb cr is what I want

And do post other offers too... I will acknowledge them as well

I take the Sera M1 and Rahi Sledon smiley

Vous cherchez à échanger mon nanook rb pleine xp ( valeur à 3m ) des copies de ctz de et / ou de la cr suivante ( préféreraient cartes ) :

Lao Cr (1.35m)
Armanda Cr (1.7m)
Scarlett Cr (1.3m)
Dragan Cr (1.27m)
Manon Cr (1.18m)
Flavio Cr (1.13m)
Lamar Cr (1.04m)
Tessa Cr (985k)

Message privé avec des offres .

wednesday 25/03/2015

Honestly have no idea why Clive is getting a shout out.
1million + general cr = guru cr smiley

Vermyn N

for your blaaster CR

Robb gone..
Still offering Zoe and morphun for one Sera M1 0xp

+1 post 25, i would'nt pay even 10k more for this card it doesn't cost more than 10k more its price, not even 5k already smiley
I close this topic because it's forbidden to sell/make auction cards due to their number. Indeed, we can't controlate the number of the cards so this kind of sell/trade is forbidden in this forum smiley

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