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thursday 24/05/2007

Hi there and welcome to urban rivals, i myself just started about 3 weeks ago and am having a great time i hope u r too, anyway i was wondering since u didnt belong to a guild yet would u join mine im in need of members before it gets closed here is the link http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=26282 please give it a try thanks Brian

wednesday 23/05/2007

Ah one question silver... are u on a lot or no

Hey i haev signed up for a guild previously but they havent replied so i guess u could say im still looking and i was wondering how many people u have and anything else i should know because if u will let me i wouldnt mind joining

smileyI am recruiting people to join my guild Ragnarok Rivals EVO guild.
All you need is to be just LVL.5+



I received message such as "____ wants to join your guild" but when i look at my guild's homepage, all i can see are my members and me... why is that happening??? And we are only 5 in my guild!! Help me please

tuesday 22/05/2007

Was full of Sissy's this last tournament! How many of you have multiple user accounts? There is a time and a place to play with yourself! Keep it at home!

I'm happy to invite you all to join my new guild... smiley
Freedom, honour, and respect are the words that would define it.
I accepte any levels, but only fair players, people who respect other players.
I'm personally fed up with shamefull players who uses stupidly the fair play of EVO players to win matches during tournaments... if you're one of those pass by... if not you are welcome... any nationality as long as you can write english or french...
Postulate here:

Game designers DO NOT read the message boards for opinions. If you'd like to submit suggestions on what to change in the game you can email support-en@urban-rivals.com. The more tickets (from different people) requesting the same features will up your priority (I would think).

monday 21/05/2007

What Country are you from? We don't care, we accept anyone from any country! Our guild consists of all countries and are recruiting anyone, JOIN NOW!

Open to anyone it just opened

go here

Hi Everyone, this is a new guild to have FUN! we only accept nice and friendly people. If you are one of this group of people. Please join us! We are happy with your present. Thanks.

sunday 20/05/2007

Appleton Guild is open for anyone, made for new comers so they can share tips and strageys main purpose is to learn and have fun,

if you have are interested in joining go to the link below.

Need 2 members! it doesn't metter your skill you can be free to join us! smiley


Every one jion my brothers guild!!! its going to be tottaly awesomesmileysmiley

Pentru discutii de genul asta va rog sa vorbiti in particular copii.

Hi all - please any future new members approvals once you request to postulate theses are all required :
So dont waste your time applying if you dont meet any of the requirements.

a) be over lvl 25
b) have been a supporter of UR to be albe to play in internal tournaments ect
c) change to the worlds flag.

3 minor issues - if you qualify and want to join but dont know how to edit your profile flag, contact me in pm- kind ragrds & GG's smiley

saturday 19/05/2007

Guild~R~Us is spelled wrong

The guild Curse of the Moon is looking for members. If you like Vampire, succubus or other night creature, this guild is for you.

here is the guild page : http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=8939

And i'm sorry if my english is not the best.. smiley

hope to see you in my guild,


Theoretically a strong guild is a guild with high level players. It's the average of all guildmembers battlepoints that makes the guilds place in the ranking. On the other hand, for me, a strong guild is a guild with active players that discuss tactics and decks and who play ELO.

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