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friday 04/05/2007

Our guild will become number 1 with your help

thursday 03/05/2007

Guild Benefit TWO! You can speak Any Language! Just PM me for any questions. Or Join NOW!

I would love to join plz pick me

wednesday 02/05/2007

So do the irish! Why not join our only guild?

Drunken master style got nothing on us!

JOIN US!!!!!

Ask for perks!

tuesday 01/05/2007

The only irish made guild currently on UR are looking for member from all around the world. Nobody will be rejected. We welcome all! ...cus we're awesome and totally drunk!

Whut are your guilds benefits?

Well would u let me join?

I want in

monday 30/04/2007

The Fighting Irish, a newly formed guild are looking for people to represent the Great Green Isle on Urban Rivals.

Tugas venham juntar-se a academia da guid tuga... para mais tarde poderem entrar para a guild tuga.. ha premios semanais---
força portugal

sunday 29/04/2007

Is looking for the Insane. (Not the Rude and Vulgar) smiley I Love Good sportsmanship I'm looking for a Group that wants to be a family, not just another "Clan of Super Heros"
I don't make any promises save one, You will have fun as long as you play. Let me know if you want a closer look.


I went on ur profile u ain't got a guild smiley

Guild~R~US wants you

Join na po sa guild na DOOM
LVL 20 pababa
basta pinoy okie


saturday 28/04/2007

If you are from Belgium and you speak dutch you are always free to join our guild 'Vlaamse Top' !


Greetz smiley

Hey eveyrone!
A new guild, Sly Vagabonds is formed. All of the guild's info is in its description at its page ( http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=18201 ). Our guildroom is made for train and it works perfectly. smiley I'm planning to use MSN communication. There was an additional tip at the suggestions, our goal. What should that be? Ah yes! World domination! smiley So if interested just give us a try.

friday 27/04/2007

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