friday 19/06/2015

And I will take all akiko for 1700 each, beef for 2000 each, askai for 5000 each

Lol. how much do you want for him .. around 7.2 m ? anyway.. it s to late now..

Thanks. Done.

I'm looking for some copies, in my pssmiley

Now valued at 5.9k/t

Splata purchased.

As you have already put these cards up for auction, another thread is not permitted smiley

We will REFUSE all subjects without tags.

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thursday 18/06/2015

Close reopen with new stuff


Another updated list:

1x Elya Cr
1x Marlysa Cr
1x Flavio Cr
1x Splata Cr
2x Caelus Cr (0xp)
1x Sylth Cr
1x Marina
5x Kawamashi Cr (4 0xp)
3x Kolos

1512 Mc leroy 0xp 1.1k/each
128 MC Leroy full xp 1k/each
100 norman [68 0xp-32 full xp] 1.2k /each
100 eris [71 full xp-29 0xp] 2.8k/each
460 lorenzo [400 xp-60 full xp] 800 clintz/each
1 Jackie cr full xp 220k
1 dagg cr 40k
1 ongh 66k
1 Copper Cr full xp 80k
Coby fulxp -20k
Hawk full xp -15k

I`m looking for:
Mina- 4.5k
Koshiro - 14k
Chel - 14.5k
Fuerza Ciega-600 clintz
Hubert-350 clintz
Also can look for other offers

edited by UM_AaaBattery thursday 18/06/2015, 09:24

I would take lin bee cr 0xp, and la cobra 0xp in cash, thankssmiley

wednesday 17/06/2015


I buy all of your marina 0xp for 26,5k in my vp smiley

*or around whatever market price may be at the time smiley

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