wednesday 17/06/2015

Ambrose cr (490k) + thaumaturge cr (260k) for your kerozinn

5,750,000 clintz plus the tanman
Pm me if interested

Your estimation of tanman?

Je veux acheter 25 Chel (toute xp) pour 13000 clintz chaque.
Je peux offrir:
- Clintz
- Arlene 0xp (à 1200/e)
- Rey Mono 0xp (à 870/e)
S'il vous plaît mettre dans ma PS ou contactez-moi pour le commerce smiley
Merci beaucoup smiley

I only look for 90 wonder lana 0xp now

18x buddy 0xp?


dounia cr full 220k in my ps

happy facesmiley

tuesday 16/06/2015

Will buy for 120,000 clintz

Forget it sorry for disturbing smiley

Hello sellTrade lot 0xp:
55 Toro 0xp a 24k cad
23 Zoe 0xp a 17k cad
101 Greem 0xp a 4,6k cad

Accept :
Cr Giocable:
Jackie Cr 0xp a 230k
Lamar Cr 0xp a 930k

Never said it wasn't, was just saying that splata is worth more now and explained how when he asked... Not starting anything haha

Bonjour tout

je offre
Rowdy 75k Cr
Dolly Cr 7k chaque
Kawamashi Cr 9.8k
Sakura Cr 8k
Slyde Cr 11k
108 Karnor Ved ( 4 complète , 0XP repos) @ 820 / chaque
43 amis tous 0XP 12k chaque
Farman x2 9k
Boomstock 5k
Pr Hartnell 0XP 5k
Lindsey 9.5k
Havok 12,5k
ZRobbie 13.5k

OFFRE- acheter tous Karnor Ved et obtenir 4x Platinum absolument gratuit
offrir - acheter tous amis et obtenir 7x Soushee gratuitement
OFFRE- acheter tous amis et Karnor Ved et obtenir 4x Platine, 7x Soushee et 2x Wonder Lana gratuit

clintz smileysmiley
saltsberg 0xp

je vais écouter d'autres offres
mais je ne veux pas RBs
PM moi ou poster ici

0 Lethal

Tekumman for reference (stupid iPhone autocorrect)

I would like to buy your saltsberg 0xp for 2k. I can trade my crs for bigger lots as well

Really want to get the other half of the junta clan so im looking to trade for them I can trade some preaty rare cards in other clans PM me for details

monday 15/06/2015

Up. Looking for Freaks.

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