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thursday 19/04/2007

The chance.

wednesday 18/04/2007

I have made a guild for americans only when it is created will all strong and great american fighters join please
it is called the americans

Hi [om] | P0w3r is a new guild and we are currently looking for new players so if you wish to join to apply to the guild and we will accept you

thanks : )

have fun gaming!

tuesday 17/04/2007

New guild is out, join mosu_bebe guild, dosen't mather the raise,her color,the panths that you are wearing, everybody can join my "tribe"

monday 16/04/2007

If you are active maybe you can be admin

Anyone else out there like to join the Pleasure Bunnies, I'd like to add that if you'd like to become a pleasure bunny but don't have an anime girl avatar we can provide one for you.

sunday 15/04/2007

Sorry heres the link to the jokershttp ://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=13895

Hey i am recruiting for the guild Jokers. Anyone who is intrested take a look at it. the first one who register will become adminastrators. You have to be a lvl 10 or higher to join so i know that youre serious about the game.

Yh take goivanni and angelina , gio was 7000+ and is now less thn 1000 , ange was 1000+ and i sold her for 250 yesturday the prices always go down after a while

saturday 14/04/2007

Hello everyone the Ghost Riders guild is recruting new members of all levels and all nationalaties:
the guild page is here: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=13327 !!! 3 days open and if no requests the guild is destroyed!!

friday 13/04/2007

I am looking for members i need some players to help me to keep my Guild be the first Guild i hope from you to join my Guild smileysmiley

wednesday 11/04/2007

I am thinking of creating an Australian guild....with our own battle-room,tournaments and prizes.Perhaps Free cards to the most productive guild player per-week and/or our own tournaments where there is a prize-pool of cards.I would be prepared to do the administrating...and would take care to ensure our events do not conflict those of the main-game.Think on it....a place where you can throw a spare card to the pool and a share of all cards depending on position .I will also look into it and see if clintz can be awarded also.
If I recieve better than 25 willing player replies....I will do this.Also suggestions would be appreciated....eg....should other countries be allowed to join, rules of tournament plays,etc.

tuesday 10/04/2007

Look at the date i posted this please

If anyone interested, The room is always open

monday 09/04/2007

Someone who is a creature of the night..oooh..spooky

The guild the darkness is looking for member. We will be focusing on the best combo of the evil cards. So join up my friends http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=11171

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