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sunday 22/05/2016

saturday 21/05/2016

If you buy 100: 10800 each
if you buy all the 500: 10500 each

Any xp, just throw them in my private sale for 1900 clintz.
Or PM me if prices change and you want them for a bit more like 2000 clintz.

Thank you.

I'm trading 195 zodiack mixed xp for 1099 a piece. I will accept:
Bryan rb: 60k
Dragomir: 100k
Rex swieg: 80k
A lot of sparkle 0xp at 1800 each

Maybe other things, message me or write offers here.

I have 28 0xp give me your offer

For Jackie Cr (350k), Zatman Cr (100k), and GraksmxxT (70k) as it says above smiley

Thanks bro, ill think it through

Looking for a tanaevera cr no matter if xP0 or full offer
Emeth Cr140k + Wee Lee 45k + Karrion 23k + 2 xp0 Eddie Cr 100k + 1 xp full 47k +GraksmxxT 70k +Vermyn N 80k =505 vs tanaevera cr 500k
DDA : Also I listen Other Offerssmiley

friday 20/05/2016

You should have them back now.

300 prince jr 0xp + 50 gastroboy 0xp for your drakorah 0xp ?

or 50 shaker 0xp vs 24 drakorah 0xp + copper cr 0xp + jackie cr 0xp + 1 josephine 0xp ?

Page cr. I dont have nahi cr

Have some get some for 2000 each
I have ten for sale
If you want to buy it a higher
Name your prize

Really? why?

UPDATE: Okay so, Zatman Cr (Full) valued at 100k + 45k to Kenny Cr valued at 140k

thursday 19/05/2016

Dude, there are Ielenas at 18.5k in the market... May I ask why are you offering 19.5k?

@cyber: i understand your point and it's reasonable, however it's a take it or leave it offer. Anyway to adhere to the site customs , here we go : vickie cr 950k , zaria 42k , tanaereva cr 550k. Cheers

Buying any and all Ielena for 17k throw them in my private sales. Cheers!

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