monday 15/06/2015

Buying all your Phoebe 0xp 5.3k/t
Put in PS smiley

Buying Mina 0xp Lots
4.5k if sold individually
Price is negotiable

I'm looking for Freaks cards/lots or 97k. Pm quick.

Interested in rowdy cr plus clintz?

Also, looking for any xp
Oshitsune at 12k/e
Phoebe at 5k/e

Jackie Cr Level 4 - bought from M3GA BOSS - 50 Clintz. (Private)
Thanks bro smiley

Hello, I want to sell my Striker Rb for like 100K, PM me

Arno Level 2 - bought from LoD-Yoshi - 30 000 Clintz. (Private)

All full exp

sunday 14/06/2015

Looking for collector trades
Pm me or post here ( Pm gets a faster response )

I'll take 400 copies of Lyse Teria Cr at that price, even if I'm getting ripped off just a tad. smiley

saturday 13/06/2015

What I have:
2 saki
Jane Ramba cr

What I want:
I'm looking for crs that I dont have. Shoot me a PM if you're interested

Come on people dont be shy I dont bits smiley

Hi to everybody, today i decided to separate myself from this little lot of 0exp, i propose to u :

◘ 100 Dj Korps 0exp 50kt
◘ 100 Byron 0exp 19k/t
◘ 200 Vera 0exp 1.9k/t

i accept

◘ cash
◘cr like Jackie Cr 225k, Lamar Cr 935k, Caelus Cr 200k, DJ Korr Cr 8.2m etc etc

if u are interested contact me, all is negotiable

trade in private sale


Salut a tous j'ai decide de me separer a quelque petite lot des 0exp, je vous propose:

◘ 100 dj korps 0exp 50kt
◘ 100 byron 0exp 19k/t
◘ 200 vera 0exp 1.9k/t


◘ cash
◘cr jouable comme jackie cr 225k, lamar cr 935k, caelus cr 200k, dj korr cr 8.2m etc etc

si vous etes interessè contact moi, tous est negociable

echange en vp


Salut tout le monde,
je recherche des tafa,ice jim,Melluzine,orlok,rhody,jeffrey,vivian,lola noel,galen,onyx,luba,strynge,ernst,boomer,whesley,joana,dan,Kimberley,thomy,craho,sayura,endo,deebler and tihmpah pour 300ctz/t

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