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saturday 12/05/2007

If you are looking for a guild where you can improve your skills, your level, and your collection then take a look at Card Slingers. Our purpose is to provide a fun and hassle-free place to play. We are not concerned what your level is our how good you are. Our only requirements are that you can respect others and that you want to have fun.

Come check out Card Slingers!

If you are looking for a hassle-free place to increase your skills, your level, and your collection then you should check Card Slingers out. We are a new American guild whose purpose is to provide a place where players of all levels can play without any of the usual hassles that pop up in public rooms. We will help each other to improve as players and have fun while doing it. We will are not concerned about what level you are now or how good you are at the moment. Our only requirements are that you must be able to respect other players and you must want have fun.

Come by and check us out.

Forgot the guild link. Oopssmiley


Fair guild needs new (i.e. more than 1) members. Happy (but violent) people only need apply

friday 11/05/2007

Come onesmiley and all. We need recruits fast and in a hurry. Ismileyf you want to join then join it not then I don't know why you looked at this post in the first place. Zodiac Remembrance is for those who want to improve in eith laguage or skill. Having fun in the progress. If you one then join if not then it's up to you. smiley

Come Join our guild Australian Invasion

link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=21300

just a small guild atm but hope to grow larger with every Australian member we recruit

have a look and if you like what you see PM me back


thursday 10/05/2007

Come join our Invasion of urban rivals.

Looking for any lvled player Must be Australian thoe!

visit our site>>>>> http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=21300


We are currently looking for new quild members.
English/USA only (for communication purposes)

contact me or sp00sh for details, or just request to join


wednesday 09/05/2007

Called "Feel Good Inc." Only member so far, but I'm hoping that this little post will change that.

tuesday 08/05/2007

I am searching for members who want to have fun, and dont want a pressure filled guild. The only thing is required is a disire to find there greatest battle.
Link to my Guild page: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=22073

This guild is for those that just wish to join a guild and be part of one, nothing special about this one, no max on your level no limit on level to join, just join to have fun and play enjoyable fights/games

to join just follow this link

USA...USA...USA...USA...oh wait we are both usa...ummm...LOA..LOA..LOA

monday 07/05/2007

New guild recruiting charter members, all who applay will become admins if so desired.
i began the army of Decadence and now im starting a training ground guild.

here is the link:

sunday 06/05/2007

Join our Guild. Let's work our way to the top

We are freindly, small but fast growing, British only guild. We intend to help each other lvl our characters in the guild training room.

were at :-

Level me up bro?? smiley

saturday 05/05/2007

But its an american based guild,

why not join the only irish guild on Ur instead???

Our guinness is home brewed! smiley

My Guild is new...but I am not. Join me. Let's fight together to rise to the top!

English is our primary language

We will help each other, battle planning, strategy, card collection


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