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thursday 17/03/2016

wednesday 16/03/2016

Here also i wanna say this, the offer must include kerozinn cr. smiley just need her lol

62 copys of this card are currently on the market for under 3K. I don't think anyone will accept your offer my friend.

tuesday 15/03/2016

[SELL] Spyke 0exp + Striker full 145K (total)

I'm interested in your Magnar: I could offer you 175 copies of Derby Queen or 67 copies of Dave. I also have some lots of Mandrak and Hubert if you're interested, as well as some random cards including some Raptors

I have 6 Kenny cr 0xp and I value them at 140k which is 840k
I want

Zaria x 4 - 40k
Rattle x 4 - 40k
Rez sweig x 4 - 80k
Uranus x 4 - 43k
Lehane x 2 - 11. 4 k

Which equals 832000

Pm me if interested and I'll listen to other offers thanks

monday 14/03/2016

Market pricesmiley

Il take 40 in ps please

Just think it strange that if the card is stated. Why do we need clues? smiley

sunday 13/03/2016

Salut , je te propose 5 Kerozinn cr 0xp + 14 wee lee 0xp vs ta lyse teria cr ?

Lady for sale
only 60,000 clintz

I offer 5mill cash

I have one for you.

If you pay by cash : 500000 only.
If you pays with yayois : i ask for 8 yayoi

Ask one copy only.
I offer 330000 as least (Negotiable).

Plz PM me, thanks.

[SELL] 50 Oxana 0exp 1.600/u

saturday 12/03/2016

Her current price is 270000

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