monday 01/04

400k/ea. send direct in private sales, don't pm me please smiley

Still looking for kiki cr, any xp

with cannibal jo cr 0xp still available to trade


I have a Spyke MT 0xp and I wanna trade it for Quetzal CR 0xp and 150k. Negotiable and willing to hear offers.

Nice insight Rowdy. Totally agree understand now the ban on Nemo Mt.
But, i still can't decide on who to aim for between them.
Nemo Mt is good since it's ELO playable and it won't be reprinted again (limited stock), a well as MT status for points.
# Xantiax Robb Cr however will ensure me DT wins with fast KOs. I play only Rescue in DTs though.

I only got 65% of the collection. Buying one of these will really set me back considering that there is a new clan coming on May. Decisions, decisions, decisions.... my oh my...

Raine cr 0xp

sunday 31/03

Please include what you value the card at.

Trade my Vickie Cr 0xp (5,4m) for your Vickie CR full(5.1m)+add

saturday 30/03


Up up up
Still searching!!!

Update. 90 SpartaK left, value 19k
Also looking for Elya Cr 3.7 mil

friday 29/03


1,3M cash

There are methods that can work as an insurance if you are worried about someone backing from a deal.

You and the other player can agree to have a Moderator act as a Middleman for the deal. This is a last resort if you have issues with trading directly to the player.

1. Both players must agree to the middleman first. If one player has an issue with them, you have to use a different Moderator until both of you agree or decide not to trade with each other.

2. In this case, both you and the other player must send the same Moderator a PM on what they are supposed to send to the other player and what they are supposed to receive.

3. In this case, a Moderator will not buy the cards from their PS if BOTH players have not put the cards in.

4. A Moderator can ask queries if there is some issue between what is in their PS and what is mentioned in the PM as a consistency check.

5. Once a Moderator receives the cards, they will send it to the other player as instructed by the PM from both players.

Worst case scenario is that the Moderator is unable to help and it is as you said, you cannot get your card back. This can be managed by contacting Customer Support and identifying the player who scammed you. Do not identify it in a public forum as it will make things harder.

A player caught scamming another player for cards by not meeting their trading obligations is subject to blacklist and potentially having their market blocked.

There are cases of sales being reversed by Admins from what I heard if proven to be a scam or fraudulent. When a sale is reversed, you get the cards back.

Regarding the previous comment:
While a Moderator can be referred to, we do not exactly have the tools to get back cards or reverse sales immediately.
We can refer you to customer support, but the least we can do is take action against the player who scammed you by issuing a blacklist or talking about the issue with them.
What actually happens is Customer Support then reverses the sales to get back your cards or recover them.

Rarely happens though.

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr friday 29/03, 10:35

Im buying Guru Cr on 16m(normal price)

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