tuesday 26/05/2015

Robb cr yayoi cr eddncr 110k

Hey all! Im looking to buy the following:
x1 Ongh - 58k
x1 Vermyn N - 55k

Message me if interested! Thank you smiley

monday 25/05/2015


I buy Hikiyousan 0exp : 18k each one

I buy Havok 0exp : 15k each one

Thanks smiley


Davina 0xp
Elvis 3*
Hammer 0xp
Nathan 0xp
Petra 0xp
Serena 0xp

Looking for Sentinel and Riots (Only looking for playable cards)

Offer up!!

Miss Twice Cr 0xp 380 000 clintz
Jim Cr 0xp 335 000 clintz
Caelus Cr 0xp 205 000 clintz
Emeth Cr fullxp 95 000 clintz (x2)
Page Cr fullxp 80 000 clintz (x
Jane Ramba Cr fullxp 55 000 clintz (x2)
Marco Cr 0xp 54 000 clintz
X-0DUS 0xp 48 000 clintz
Kerry fullxp 43 000 clintz (x2)
Saki 0xp 25 000 clintz (x3)

Thanks smiley

5M cash now smiley

Aaaand Pillman has won!

estimate this
7 vickie cr full xp , vickie cr 0xp,berserkgirl cr 0xp,2 marlysa cr full xp,2 tessa cr smiley

Some nocturnal offers?

sunday 24/05/2015

Salut smiley

Je mets aujourd'hui aux enchères:
250 arkn pdd 3,9k/t smiley
10 Striker 90/t (550k cash)
10 Yayoi cr 80k/t

Mes recherches:
Cash smiley
Uchtul 0xp 10,5k/t
Pan 3,5k/t

Je ech en outre:
ma Haze 0xp for Haze +1,5k
ma Dawn 0xp for Dawn + 500 clint
ma Octana full + 500 clint for Octana 0xp (x4)
ma Molder full + 150 clint for Molder 0xp (x7)
ma Pr Hartnell + 300 clint for Pr Hartnell 0xp (x6)

L'enchère se terminera samedi 30 Mai à 23h

Bonne enchère tout le monde smileysmiley

5.4k each, no lower.

Hello i have some lots, some 0xp some full.

I am interested in Marina, Shann and Rowdy cr smiley
I will look at other offers.

currently i have:
154x Raskal 0xp 5x Raskal full or partial xp
27x Sera M1 0xp 4x Sera M1 full or partial xp
28x Oshitsune 0xp 98x Oshitsune full or partial xp

PM for faster response. Please PM to discuss prices. I will check here periodically if you wish to post cards for evaluation. Please be willing to evaluate the prices on my cards as well.


edited by Shanks Guru sunday 24/05/2015, 15:10

30 sera m1 0xp gone and dj korr cr gone, I will close this and open a new thread smiley

Trade noctezuma full xp plus 20k for smokey cr
Pm me if interested and we can negotiate as market prices fluctuate !
Thanks for looking

Hey all! Im looking to buy Vermyn N x1 for around 45-50k. I just cant afford him atm and really desperate to buy him. Please message me if your interested! Thank you and have a nice day smiley

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