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monday 29/02/2016

Pericles are gone
add 1 kerozinn cr 0xp 950K

sunday 28/02/2016

No compensation needed, but I traded her already so I'll close this now smiley

1000 for your 0xp Mickey T

No longer need tanaereva cr


+600 gradymag 2.1k Unit
+600 Lacasse 750 clints U
+ 600 Judge Scare 1.1k clints U

Trade for Collectors and playable cards! Proposes in MP.


I sell

850 nistarok 0xp : 7250/t
500 anibal 0xp et 500 bankee 0xp : 5800/t
1050 tyd 0xp : 1700/t
200 endo 0xp : 700/t


Can give 800k clintz, and some cards if not enough.

I want max exp one preferably

So far no luck. And really ... no freaking one have Lyse 0xp for trade. xD I hate this. It was supposed to be an easy trade. smiley

saturday 27/02/2016

No one has bulk of Shaakarti Cr?

No tag no estimation.. I close this read rules in the aection and write it smiley

here it is if you wanna see !

edited by Levi_72 saturday 27/02/2016, 17:50

Hello all, I have a Vickie Cr and wish to trade it for Kerozzin Cr. I estimate Vickie Cr to be 815k and Kerozinn Cr to be 915k. I do not have 100k to offer as compensation, but I propose:

1. My Vickie Cr full xp + Impera Sloane full xp for your Kerozzin Cr any xp.
2. My Vickie Cr full xp + Kinichaw Cr full xp + 35k for your Kerozzin Cr any xp.
3. My Vickie Cr full xp + Nahi Cr 0xp for your Kerozinn Cr and 200k compensation.

I have other cards that would produce similar offers, so PM me or comment your offers here, I'm willing to listen to any offer as long as both Kerozinn Cr and Vickie Cr are in the offer! Thanks! smiley

friday 26/02/2016

I sent the Nobrocybix and you bought it but havent received my Amiral Py Cr yet. Could you send it asap?

thursday 25/02/2016

Hi!! I sell :

250 Ichiko 0xp for 2.000 each one.

Im tradeing my striker for something msg me offers and privet sale me unwanted cards please

Any one want to offer for my striker I will accept most trades for him and msg me if you want to buy random cards im selling random cards tooxDsmiley

Hi there I would like to sell Sigma for around 50k which are negotiable... we can find a deal, or to trade her for Bangers cards like Joy, Zoe, Leila, Pearl or another Cr...


Hello!! Buy:

Granny May 0xp directly in vp 1500 each one.

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