saturday 06/06/2015

Looking to sell him for 70k message me if you want him

I am wanting to trade for General cr pm me ASAP Thanks!smiley

Hello, i buy all your:

Fischer 0xp: 15,5k (16k for 25+ lots )
Buddy 0xp: 11,5k (12k/t for 25+ lots )
Beef 0xp: 2,4k
Norman: 950 ctz

i have also a marlysa cr and a scarlett cr for trade if you don't like cashsmiley

60 Uranus 0 xp left for trade! smiley

Looking for 103k or looking for equal trade message me in game if interested.

I huve you 2 shaun 2 x 825 0xp?

305k, will entertain trades but no lots

Miss Twice cr full xp, pm me. smileysmiley

friday 05/06/2015

Robb Cr sold.

Does anyone have a Kalindra Cr they want to trade?

Trade 59 Hemdall 0 exp + dragan cr 0exp + manon cr 0exp for playable cr

Aldebaran Cr 900k
Dragan Cr 1M050

in my private salesmiley

It's a sell ?

5M8 cash maxi for me

900k cash in my private sale. Only need one. Thank you.

29 chikko cr full

I am willing to sell my robb cr full xp.
I value it at 102K. Looking for clintz ONLY!

Contact me by PM smiley

Buying a lot of
saki 0xp 19000
saki full 18500

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