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thursday 05/04/2007

The DLS is still recruiting so apply...if you don't like it there just leave

wednesday 04/04/2007

My guild just started would like new members, check it out.

tuesday 03/04/2007

I speak ozzy can i join? im a lvl5smileysmiley

Can i join i am nice.smiley

Omg sames here got same cards and beat ppl 2 or more lvls highersmiley

monday 02/04/2007

Hey i'm pornstar343. i am a member of the Y-Generation. if you are looking for a guild to join check it out!

I want to join to your guild...

sunday 01/04/2007

Also, is there anyway to buy cards even if you don't pay real money??

Join my group the shadow riders

friday 30/03/2007

By definition, an association of people with similar interests or pursuits.
You enter a guild to meet friends, to chat with and enjoy the game, that simple. smiley
Invitations are send for a guild to be complete & approved or if they think you are worthy of their cause.

thursday 29/03/2007

I hate teachers, I respect thy mentors, walalang, wakokoo! smileysmiley

wednesday 28/03/2007

Its a good guild and i'll recomend it to anyone who wants to be in a friendly enviroment (i left to start a new guild)

Lol i bit precific but you can join my DLS if you want it doesn't have a large membership yet though

tuesday 27/03/2007

We accept anyone who loves animals regardless of lvl.and here is a link.

monday 26/03/2007

Come Join Us(if u can handle it). We will rok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CCU is still accepting applications for students and Teachers

Easy way to make money??

Before I was in AOD, i actually started in an english guild called TnC, Tea and Crumpets or something..not really sure what that was all about, but...it was my first guild anyway..hehe

sunday 25/03/2007

I will let cody join my italian guild if he wins just 1 battle in 10 when i am not evo. play me in dangerous corners if you dare.

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