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friday 04/03/2016

Hello everyone!

I would like to trade my VICKIE cr for mona CR + 650k.

I am willing to trade trough Private Sale (VP) or Secure Trade (ES).


thursday 03/03/2016

I can buy 30 aurora 0xp at 16k/T each

Just fyi, your about 15k off the actual price. But good luck.

wednesday 02/03/2016

I'm looking to buy Bangers cards like Joy, Zoe, Leila, Pearl and Clifford.


tuesday 01/03/2016

625 Pietro 0xp à 440c/t
220 B16 Sestra 0xp à 1k/t
201 Petit Coq 0xp à 400c/t
158 Tekumman 0xp à 2.9k/t
71 Kousto 0xp à 380c/t
63 Nunavik 0xp à 400c/t
63 Jean 0xp à 5.7k/t
34 Kostner 0xp à 2.8k/t
30 Thorpah 0xp à 9.3k/t
33 Haze 0xp à 30k/t
36 Miho 0xp à 2k/t
19 Pavel 0xp à 19k/t

212 Giacomo Full à 700c/t
206 Bishop Full à 680c/t
166 Berghart Full à 510c/t

Je cherche:
Ambrose Cr 400k
Sigmund Cr 750k
Berserkgirl Cr 850k
Rass Cr 850k
Shawoman Cr 900k

que je peux offrir:
Lamar Cr full 1.000k
Kerozinn Cr 0xp 950k
Kalindra Cr 0xp 230k
5 tanaereva full 435K/t

100 Farman 0xp 7k/t
30 Pearl 0xp 9k/t
25 Koshiro 0xp 29k/t
20 Dustyn 0xp 12k/t
20 Zoe 0xp 19k/t
1 GraksmxxT 0xp 75k/t

monday 29/02/2016

I can sell you 10 Toro 0 xp for 36k each.. PM me if interested smiley

You need to estimate the cards you sell/trade
also you need to estimate the cards you search
thanks !

Pericles are gone
add 1 kerozinn cr 0xp 950K

sunday 28/02/2016

No compensation needed, but I traded her already so I'll close this now smiley

1000 for your 0xp Mickey T

No longer need tanaereva cr


+600 gradymag 2.1k Unit
+600 Lacasse 750 clints U
+ 600 Judge Scare 1.1k clints U

Trade for Collectors and playable cards! Proposes in MP.


I sell

850 nistarok 0xp : 7250/t
500 anibal 0xp et 500 bankee 0xp : 5800/t
1050 tyd 0xp : 1700/t
200 endo 0xp : 700/t


Can give 800k clintz, and some cards if not enough.

I want max exp one preferably

So far no luck. And really ... no freaking one have Lyse 0xp for trade. xD I hate this. It was supposed to be an easy trade. smiley

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