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wednesday 14/02/2007

Join me patibayin ang pinoy gamers

tuesday 13/02/2007

Ok you can postulate if you like

monday 12/02/2007

Need People To Join My Guild The DemonKillaz : Elite Guild smiley
Limited Places Only
Any Levels (under lv.13s got to get to lv.13 within 2 weeks , sorry if harsh rules because it wouldnt be an elite guild then)
Our Guild Is Extremely Friendly smiley they are not aggresive and wont make u cry smiley
so click this link then click demon killaz then postulate if you want to join :

sunday 11/02/2007

Ok ill tell you straight if you want to be an elite join my guild my guild has a lot of members and they are elites :


There can 0nly be 0ne way t0 sh0w my true dedicati0n and l0ve t0 the w0rld 0f p0kem0n!

friday 09/02/2007

Interested in joining us? First of all read these rules here ... http://www.urban-rivals.com/forum.php?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=47380&suject_page=0

thursday 08/02/2007

I am new so i would like to join your guildsmileysmiley

Wud up girl hope to catch you in the game.PEACE OUT MY NIGGAS

wednesday 07/02/2007

Im not sure if my previous msg went through so here it is again...the amount of pills you put on your card increases like this...say you have a card with a 5 attack...and you load it with 5 pills your attack now becomes 25...its basically a Maths/Strategy game...oh and your damage also increases by the evolution of your cards smiley.

good games always

tuesday 06/02/2007

Hi everyone. My guild try to recruit and I think that here is the right place. We are on the 2nd pageand we are fair play. We are almost all french except for 1. And I don't really want him to be the only english speaker except for me. But as you can see, I don't speak really well english. So if you are more than lvl 22 and you speak english come and see the greats things of the purple wizards

DA DUKE GANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we kick ass and we kick it good wanna join just postulatesmileysmileysmileysmiley

monday 05/02/2007

Do you need People... You can pick me up!!!

saturday 03/02/2007

Looking for poeple above level 15 if your in the guild please dont leave to a guild like the clintz crew it seems like almost all my members havesmileysmileysmiley any way looking for loyal players above level 15 smileysmileysmileysmiley

Ok, I will postulate in it. Ty

I know i said level 15 up 4 da duke gang but you can join if u want because i think u will be level 15 soon

friday 02/02/2007

We are gonna be the best so it doesnt realy matter who joins.hmmmmm interesting enough for you......

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