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tuesday 13/03/2007

How do i get a gulid?
and is this place where to a guild?
i really really want a gulid and where am i?

No importa tu nivel, mientras sea el requerido para entrar a un guild. Aunque seamos nuevos, algun dia con esfuerzo seremos de los mejores!!
Unete al club de la pelea http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=7662

sunday 11/03/2007

In the dark%uFF0Cour logos are similar smiley smiley

Dude reject me i dont wana be in ur guild and now im stuck wit ur guild so do it now

saturday 10/03/2007

Hey alexxeno i applies to your guild

thursday 08/03/2007

The site should work now. Ouir goal is also to be a place to dsicuss how to use the before mentioned guilds.


I'm currently looking for a fun guild that I can play with.

I get on for a few hours a day mon-fri, you can look at my profile for more info smiley

Yarrrr smiley

smiley at the spelling. Good luck with the guild though smiley

Hello with all, Since yesterday evening and from now on during all the month to come, a new guild, although still unknown factor, recruits new members, I named Ultima' S Legacy. With all the interested candidates, will be accepted only the players regular, impassioned, and despizing of a great mind of fair play. De facto, the desired levels begin starting from level 15. Thank you for your comprehension. Cordially, Dark Destiny. Here the bond for those which would be interested http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=7393

wednesday 07/03/2007

Ag man thats where this message went to wrong place again sorry

I am from China,nice game

tuesday 06/03/2007

I wish they'd make a montana with 8 power that wasn't a collectorsmiley

Hello again! please joint me in your gang! ok? smiley

Hello, i want to be a part of your gang!
tell me how many people are your gang?

The new guild Il Gioco Di Vincere is now recruiting

if you are interested plz send me a message or go to the guild link or u can just post a reply here


Guild name changed to

il gioco di vincere

monday 05/03/2007

To have FUN!! novice level 9 female here looking for some friends to level up with. smiley smiley friends who aren't necessarily bent on the "morphun" fix would be exceptionally awesome!! LOL..

36 going on 26 ... female.. over the rainbow.. smiley

i'd like to join a guild too... but.. i don't think i'd ever be as good as you'd need me to be.. and i wish you the best. smiley

well.. take care all would ya. feel free to drop me a line.

WE looking for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!smiley

Dere har en lang vei å gå hvis dere skal bli best en dag...lykke til!

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