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tuesday 23/07/2019

Hi! I want to sell 30 Judge Scare full for 2500 each, so 75k in total.
I would accept clintz or other more expensive characters, any doubt or proposal send pm, please

Mis-typed naliah

Dear UR players!
I am looking for/ I need a Maana Cercei + a Behemoth card, XP doesn't matter to me.
I can give a Jim Cr in exchange. Their value approximately equals on the market.

PM me if interested!
Thank you

Zatman 0xp (190k)

monday 22/07/2019

Deal done smiley

I trade my guru cr 0xp 12kk for dj korr cr full +200k or 0exp

sunday 21/07/2019

If you sell your kolos i trade for my kuwaka

I will do the GraxxxT + 200k trade.

saturday 20/07/2019

@powernas500 , i don't have kolos or dhalia sorry smiley

friday 19/07/2019

You should probably bring this up with:
or contact a moderator and explain your case:

No normal member on the forum can really help you.

9,3m + Selsya Cr 0 xp for your Dragan Mt
write into PM please

For Mts I can offer at most 2k sorry smiley

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