friday 29/03

Im buying Guru Cr on 16m(normal price)

I’ve got this characters and wants any offer but no lots(copies):

Ratanah Mt 840k
Boris Cr 225k
Grudj CR-115k
Sasl Lovelace-110k
Byron 0xp-130k
Mokra 0xp-165k

I have Vickie Cr 0xp(valuated on 5,4m)for the full and some complement(s)

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr friday 29/03, 09:57

thursday 28/03

Schredders sold, thread closing.

I have these characters and Im looking for any type of offers (no Lots):
Cassio Cr 0xp 640k
Ratanah Mt 850k
SpYke MT 790k
Boris Cr 225k
Rowdy Cr 295k
Sobek 0xp 440k
#Vickey CR 0xp 5.2M
Grudj CR-115k
Sasl Lovelace-110k
Byron 0xp-130k
Zoe 0xp-140k
Mokra 0xp-165k
Pr Cushing CR-660k
No Love 0xp-2.47m
Kalindra CR-2.25m
Ymirah CR 0xp-2.55m

Is that Gootecks?

wednesday 27/03

Sorry, I really dont want to trade the big 5 as I am trying to complete my collection.

I have obtained Jim.

I only need:
Kiki Cr 14.6M
Elya Cr 3M

It s already on market for 14.000.000 Clintz.
Waiting for offer

If u wanna grab it fast, its at the market in case my deal here fails

Im looking for this cards i want any offer but not lots:
Blaaster Cr 1.4m
Cassio Cr 0xp 650k
Elya Cr 3.4k
Emeth Cr 880k
Ratanah Mt 870k
Spyke Mt 870k
Lizbeth Cr 880k
Boris Cr 230k
Marco Cr 0xp 440k
Rowdy Cr 315k
Sobek 0xp 440k
#Vicky CR 0xp (offers)

Hi, I buy William 0xp for 3k/each, directly in my ps smiley thx

Hi, I exchange my guru 0exp (18,5M) for a full exp card(18M) + 250k; pm for fast responsessmiley

PM your offer, I will consider

Primarily looking for Nahi or cash

Thank you everyone for responding
TitodelYermo sent back Toro Cr and I sent Deadeye + extra to thank him

tuesday 26/03

I have
Tanaereva Cr 0xp 4m
Lao Cr full xp 5m
Mona Cr full xp 850k
Dregn Mt full xp 860k
GraksmxxT Mt full xp 700k
Pericles Mt full xp 830k
Kenny Mt full xp 2m

Looking for
#bmappe cr 7.6m
Xantiax Robb Cr 4.1m
Lamar Cr 5m
Pm for quick response

Hi everybody

i offer 2 Ataoualpet 0xp vs 1 Ataoualpet 0xp x37


monday 25/03

Looking to buy Atkinson, I have 2.4mil


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