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wednesday 15/11/2006



Courage is when you choose Amy first.
For example:
If you have Amy, William, Carlos And Zdrone, If you are choosing Amy first, the ability works..

It's not like that. Only 5% is taken, not 50 clintz. (50 clintz it's the lower possible sold price). Anyway i agree... there are some people who, strong of their card number, they can afford to sell some card at "silly" prices...

Please visit our page and apply if interested. All applicants will be replied to.



tuesday 14/11/2006

I think sosmiley

U can do both: buy from market and from other players. but until u buy credit u cannot sell your cards (exept to kate)

Vermyn n = eminen
lyse teria = lysteria (a bacteria)

How do you get a elephant into Safeway?
...you take the 'E' out of safe,... and there is no 'F' in way.

I have no idea really how to play and the random things happening and how to use or getr cards soo yea smiley im getting really mad at all of the people who beat me cuzz they are tottall ass holes about itsmiley and i love women smiley

Stop fury would be just like -opp damage.

monday 13/11/2006

Rejected by his own family because of his dreadful secret, Armand found a place to rest in the Northern Mountains, along with his friend Timber. Approched by the Roots , he decided to join them, convinced by their ideal and homemade beer

A link between Timber and Roots

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This game could do with a chat channel, which apparently it does not have. Is there an unnofficial one tho? Or any big guild with a guild channel out there? That would be close enough for me.

Play during the tournaments. Couples of wins can get you 50ish clintz. Get more than a couple of wins, and you can get a credit too.

sunday 12/11/2006

Ive created an all british guild and im looking for applicants...im also lookin for quality NOT quantity...please send your applications

saturday 11/11/2006

Quality is better than quantity. To prove it I've created this guild. We will conquer the weak guilds and we will be in the top. Rules: 1)need to be at least level 20, 2)play this game regulary, 3)play ELO , 4)add GD to your name. That's all. Now you can join smiley

Thanks evryone

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If u play u win clintz, u can go to the market and buy cards with it
or get some credits (daily tournament, buy in shop) and buy a card pack in the shop

friday 10/11/2006

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The first flag (big flag) on your profile. I spent about 20 minutes hitting the little flag next to the nation stats before I noticed it was the big flag at top of page.

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