friday 20/10/2006

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You can change your flag on your own by clicking it on your profile page.

People shouldn't have timeouts just when they r loosing.smiley

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When you answer questions to other people or when you just want to communicate with someone.smiley

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Is yhere any level 1 here

thursday 19/10/2006

Well u should atleast say to what
and yes its posible, upper left click on your name and then on the page wich comes up on your flag then u chan change it

Of course Chloe should be used only when have no other Sentinel in deck smiley

Problem is that there is so much people which play these cards. I try to not play with people using that cards. But still find another.

wednesday 18/10/2006

Odds are odds, the most unlikely outcome will happens from time to time.
from time to time? i get screwed over 90% of the time thats not from time to time, thats a ridiculous amount of "bad luck"
frankly i find it a slap in the face to real and decent CCG's to put randomness in a CCG

I think it is a good idea to give out some cards to those who can got some spots at the tournament..?
how bout it?

tuesday 17/10/2006

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The more cards u have the higher ur rank will go and when u start leveling all ur cards ull notice a change also

Woot you asking for money well i can only spare a mere 150 clintz lol

Uhm.... i don't remember, but i should have tought about that..... i will try again

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He is a big fat ble ape thats how he looks i fought it once in elo.
Oh i just forgot it was the kiki cr

monday 16/10/2006

My translation (no offence Mac Leod)

Gatherinig at G.A.M.E. salon in Paris!

Passionate about games? Come and join the event at the end of the year accompagnied by the whole Clint: Urban Rivals crew. We will meet you (or We give you rendez-vous) at the G.A.M.E. salon in Paris, Novembre 4 and 5 2006. On the programme: meetings with the artists (card designers???), cards to win, face to face confrontations and many other surprises... We await you! More info (comming soon)... [Wednesday 10/11, 11:54]

This is pretty much the right place smiley

sunday 15/10/2006

You guys should put another star for players that have more than half os the collectors or something like that

The size of the pic has to be under 20k

Na we don't win anything, the rankin system just shows what the average of the players in the guild. it is just for bragging rights really.

saturday 14/10/2006

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You can hover over the "?" icon at "rank" label of a ranking to know more about ranks.
Basically, there are based on your collection of characters.

The bathroom knows the truth!

The great deppresion is coming, so many people are playing, and so much money is being circulated, that prices are dropping! the outcome is inevitable... the value of a clint is dropping!

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