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thursday 26/10/2006

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You can win one for each tournament (we run 4 per days):

wednesday 25/10/2006

In fact its an advantage when you play second in the opening round, that way you play second in the third round, wich is a very good thing since you then know what card your opponent will play in the last round.....you have the choise of two card (in the third round) and your opponent has already played his card......

Hope you understand it....its past midnight here and my brains aren't working properly (alcohol kills braincells).

Oh and by the way, the one to play first is always the one with the most stars (combined level of all cards)......if two players have the same amount of stars its random of course.

Well about 2000 players smiley

tuesday 24/10/2006

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First: you used multi-accounts (4 of them)
Second: you tried to con people yesterday by asking them for their password and using "Fraggle " or "Clint Staff" as your nickname.
We sent you an email to notice you.
All of your accounts have been closed.
I answer here to let people know that we have ZERO tolerance for this kind of stuff.

monday 23/10/2006

Well they made more nightmare 's but still none are collectors lol.

Ok Buy credits an you are able to sell an buy.smiley

A easy way is to level up cards an use less pills in battles.

sunday 22/10/2006

He is advertising his guid. it's a small brasilian guild...

saturday 21/10/2006

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You give them a link to your guild's page and they can postulate, then you can accept or refuse them. (they will appear at the bottom of your
members list).

Good day all. It has come to my attention, the leader of the guild, is no more special to look at then the admins or general soldiers. Shouldn't the one that created the guild, be given like a different name, such as Head Admin, or something like that. Another idea that has come to me, is that there is no demote from admin position option. Another one I think should be added, if possible. If these have been said before, or if there is a way of doing the second idea. Then please tell me. smiley

friday 20/10/2006

Hmm Hmm

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You can change your flag on your own by clicking it on your profile page.

People shouldn't have timeouts just when they r loosing.smiley

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When you answer questions to other people or when you just want to communicate with someone.smiley

logo UR 1 messages

Is yhere any level 1 here

thursday 19/10/2006

Well u should atleast say to what
and yes its posible, upper left click on your name and then on the page wich comes up on your flag then u chan change it

Of course Chloe should be used only when have no other Sentinel in deck smiley

Problem is that there is so much people which play these cards. I try to not play with people using that cards. But still find another.

wednesday 18/10/2006

Odds are odds, the most unlikely outcome will happens from time to time.
from time to time? i get screwed over 90% of the time thats not from time to time, thats a ridiculous amount of "bad luck"
frankly i find it a slap in the face to real and decent CCG's to put randomness in a CCG

I think it is a good idea to give out some cards to those who can got some spots at the tournament..?
how bout it?

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